What is a realistic Powerlifting goal?

Aim for 1000 lb club first. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Set manageable goals and go from there. A great man named Jim Wendler once said, "Someone asked me what was my aim after benching X lb, I told him, bench X+2.5kg lb." You hit a new 5RM? Great! Aim 2.5kg and go for your next 5RM.

When I left the army I was benching 80, squatting 120 and deadlifting 120. I told myself to hit the 1000lb club by my meet and now, just 4 mnths into a modified Texas Method, I'm benching 105 for 3, squatting 162.5 for 3 and pulling 170 for 3. And I'm still smashing those 3RMs on a weekly basis.

Powerlifting is a marathon. Be aggressive but cautious. Tell yourself, I don't want 10 weeks to a bigger bench. I want 10 years to my BIGGEST bench. Often people ego-lift and end up with a career ending injury. You're 14 and you still got years to go and compete. Don't end up washed up by 18 with a herniated disc just because you wanted to be the next Lilliebridge or Dan Green.

Okay I digressed. Apologies

Now comes to the program. As far as I know you seem like an athlete, doing basketball and powerlifting at the same time. It's great work! Chad Wesley Smith did say that younger athletes should be doing some kind of sport before moving into the weightlifting scene but maybe I misquoted him. If you're still able to recover from workout to workout, you should just stick with a modified 3 day program that has you setting new 5RMs for your Squat, Bench and Deadlift from Mon to Wed to Fri back to Mon again. Else, I would like to point you to Strengtheory • The online home for thinking lifters. and look at their programs. Greg Nuckols knows his shit. Trust him.  Texas Method is another tried and tried and tried and always trusted program but you need to modify it such that your bench volume is high enough to elicit gains. 5x5 for volume is too damned low. And you need to program in assistance exercises to address muscular weaknesses. Finally, there's 5/3/1. I personally disagree with 5/3/1 because it's too slow for an intermediate but hey, the gains are steady so why not. Look into 5/3/1 for powerlifting and not the original 5/3/1. Wendler himself addresses all the weaknesses of vanilla 5/3/1

Train hard! I expect to see you on the international stage soon

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