What is a word for: when life, family, external social pressures, and other possible factors all direct you towards a specific path or role in life that you wouldn't have done otherwise?

It could be termed as your outlook on life.

Some call it Karma.

And some call it Destiny.

I believe the first one is the most accurate.

And the best part is, despite the experiences in life that shaped your personal outlook, you still have the power to change said outlook, if it isn't helping you to have a fulfilling life.

It isn't easy, but a negative personal outlook on life can be changed, if you're strong enough to overcome the hurdles.

You can put your question in two different concepts; good and bad. Good could be expressed as groomed...molded...supported...encouraged...guided...prepared...nurtured. Bad could be called forced...pushed...told...coerced...duress...undue influenced...shoved...unwillingly...over-powered. just a few that came to mind :)

I like "synchronicity". I believe every person, every "factor" is brought into your life for a reason. The trick is to understand that they are all intended to direct or redirect your path in life. This is not to be confused with destiny or fate. In this case free will is the most important factor. You choose your path and you'll know if you've chosen the wrong one!! Be mindful of this. Everything has a fork in the road. Take the high road. :)

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