What is an out-of-body experience?

Here are some of the points I had the "luck" [1] to experience first hand:

  1. Malleability. Reality is so malleable that it's hard to identify what's under your control from what isn't. In your daily life when you think strongly about something you don't change objects, in your extradimensional experiences you probably do.
  2. Perception. Your senses doesn't work exactly the same as in your body. For example, you can have tactile perception by touching a wall with your extadimensional fingers, but if you put some real pressure it doesn't hurt as it should in your body (actually nothing hurts). Also it might happen that your hand penetrates what it was apparently solid. Feels like if your extradimensional body were made of water. Pretty much like if you were the water-ish creature in the movie The Abyss (except awaken people will not perceive you)

Does slow jogging burn fat?

It does. Or rather, it CAN. If you do it correctly.See...Contrary to what some people think, your body is actually in its optimal fat-burning mode when your heart rate is on the relatively low end of that Target HR spectrum.Cardio or aerobic (better name) exercise

My 12 year old son is threatening to break his PS3 unless I buy him a brand new PS4. What should I do? Should I listen to him and buy him a new one?

Plain and simple...LET HIM BREAK IT! Cause then the little self entitled snot can have NOTHING! I am a parent and that is what I'd tell him...just go a head and break it then, but then you will have nothing at all!! If he wants a PS4 so bad, then maybe he should start saving up HIS

Can you go to the gym if you are 10?

Let's get one thing straight. You can go to the gym at whatever age you want to.Unless of course, your gym doesn't allow it. Try to negotiate it with your gym owner and your parent may be able to supervise you there.If you can't lift there, try going to a park and focus on calisthenics progression or find creative