What is an underrated cooking hack everyone should know about?

Well my friend, using the blog I made with VividCook | Bring your inner chef out | Homepage regarding this same question i would say

  1. use oregano, oregano is a delicious seasoning that you can pretty much use in any foods. it could be lasagna, soup, beefs, toast anything really. it could really make any meal seem fancy as well.
  2. use alcohol, you can marinate chicken, and other meats with pretty much any form of liquor. don't worry you wont actually get drunk by this, but basically alcohol acts as a flavor enhancer and really adds a lot of flavor when you cook with it
  3. consider using extra virgin olive oil instead of other basic cooking oils like canola and veggie oil. Olive oil is not only the healthiest but taste great as well!

What is it like to be a private chef?

I look forward to hearing from actual private chefs, but, in the meantime, I'll start this out by sharing excerpts from an article on the American Personal & Private Chef Association website: On Being A Private Chef.On Being a Private Chef, by Brent T. Frei

Why do restaurant pork chops taste so much better than the ones I make at home?

There could be many reasons for this, but I think the obvious answer is that in a restaurant a professionally trained chef is paid good money to prepare your pork chops at the restaurant, whereas when you are preparing them

Why are processed foods more consumed than whole foods, even though processed foods are not beneficial to health?

Your question is based upon an incorrect understanding of what food processing is and a false assumption that processed foods are not beneficial to health.Just because foods are