What is coastal protection?

Coastal Protection is the coast against coastline retreat, thus protecting housing, infrastructure, the coast and the hinterland from erosion often at the expense of losing the beach and the dynamic coastal landscape.

At DVP Infra the Coastal management is defence against flooding and erosion, and techniques that stop erosion to claim lands. ... Changes in sea level damage beaches and coastal systems.

Should I be concerned that my girlfriend is not willing to have sex with me it's been about 3 weeks, we have been together for about 6 years and we are having problems in our relationship?

Not willing. I almost scrolled by the question and came back to answer you. So , listen up.Yeah, your GIRLFRIEND is MANIPULATING you using her genitals. And yeah that happens a lot in toxic relationships.Does she dislike having sex? Nope. No one does.Then? May be she's cheating on you.Or, may be, she's in process of breaking up. Girls do

Is there any scientific proof that vaccines cause autism?

I am going to vary my answer from others already great answers to try to give a more broad answer. I will discuss risk vs reward and their perceptions and thus also include vaccines, lead poisoning, cancer, and autism.Assertion #1. First off, lets all acknowledge

Why is eating healthy so hard and expensive?

It is not expensive. It does require people to think and make an effort instead of grabbing a lot of packaged stuff high in fat, sugar and salt, but it isn't rocket science. There are free websites and blogs to teach people how to budget, plan, shop and cook since many people