What is considered a good IQ?

       The IQ score of 158 is already within the realm of Genius, this is true. At the same time all people whom score at or above that of IQ score 140 are considered to be that of Genius. Having this score or above only means one is a possible Genius level of ability. Is one true Genius, no, but they have the basics to be a Genius at some point in their lifetime. This is like a foundation of oneself that one will need to build upon to become true Genius. It is after the IQ score that the real work of thyself begins to be seen to know if one is really at this level of ability or not. One has the potential to be Genius over those of average IQ scores(100-110). At the same time one must now begin to prove thyself that this is actually the case about thyself.

      To show the rest of society that you are at this level of intellect, one needs to begin to produce something that is original or could change the world to a better state than what it is at present. As an example of this there is an invention like that of the automobile. In this case, those whom were able to do this showed real knowledge that change society to a new level, it moved society forwards in a way that made it better for all in society. It is not limited to mechanical devices, there is really no limit on what can be done at this point. The inventiveness can be in music,art,science,writings,medicine. The main point is that society is made better of it.

      Are there benefits to the label of Genius,yes. At the same time there are also many negatives to this name that many do not hear of. It is likely that if one is Genius, they already know that they are different from a young age, from other children. Their interests do not equal those of other children their age. They want to do things that are thought of as being way over their heads and at the same time they are able to do them as well. This in itself is both good and bad. One can read well by the time they enter school, fore instance. This is wonderful ability to have at that age. At the same time it can lead to being put into a state of isolation from other children, for they feel put down by it. It makes others look slow in their own abilities, which are in fact more in the norm, compared to that child of Genius. From this point forwards it can become a constant battle for the child of Genius.

     At the same time that this happens there are benefits to that of being called Genius. As one moves through the world/universe, the abilities that they have increase and grow to levels that will resolute in some form of what I spoke of earlier. A child of this level of intellect will become stronger in all levels of knowledge. This includes areas of reading,studying,research,creativity. Eventually there is the final end of doing something that will change society in the future. The finding of something that will make the world better, is to be the final goal. These former children will find this, in time. The answering of questions that no one else seems to be able to do; becomes their work. This will continued to the day of their death. The world of Genius is one of good, in every respects. I believe that they are truly happy for this gift that has been a given to them, all. Finding true happiness in their work is one of the best benefits that all Geniuses can obtain. It is not the belonging to certain organizations or finding wealth through the work they do. The idea of making the world/universe better for all,seems to become their goal. In all of this, the work they do becomes more play. The enjoyment they receive from their life works is what is sure to put them into the placement of true happiness of all that is thyself.

Why do people have 5-6 children even though they can't properly feed one child?

The Indian society needs a BOY in every family! You must be knowing all the things that are said when a boy is born and when a girl is! And until there is a boy, the number of children goes on increasing!

What are some popular variations of the 2048 game?

Here's my favoritehttp://louhuang.com/2048-numberw...Infinitely frustrating due to random merges (also if you keep spamming the same direction eventually something will happen).  And here are some variants that I made2x2^10 game - Play 2 1024 games at the same

What is the proper way to do crunches?

Follow these steps to perform crunches:Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart.Place your hands behind your head so your thumbs are behind your ears.Don't lace your fingers together.Hold your elbows out to the sides but rounded slightly in.Tilt