What is efficient studying?

The most efficient studying requires that our nervous system be fresh, clean, and clear of stress and dysfunction. Unfortunately, growing up in this highly stressed world makes us all somewhat dysfunctional.

The solution is to practice an effective and efficient form of meditation to dissolve and eliminate our internal stresses.

Concentration and efficiency in studying is natural. Enjoying schoolwork is natural. Some people get A's without any effort. If you are having trouble concentrating on schoolwork, there can be only one reason: internal stress.

Let me tell you a relevant story.

I once had a class in graduate school in large-scale circuit integration. My interest and ability was in software and information theory, but I had to take a hardware course and this was it.

I didn't like the class, couldn't follow the concepts, and found the textbook unreadable.

So, unlike all the other classes I took (I was generally an A student), I did nothing. I stopped paying attention in class and I stopped doing my reading and homework assignments.

It was almost as a surprise when it was time for the final exam. The entire grade depended on this one exam.

It was the evening before the take-home exam was due. I had my exam questions, my blue book (blank paper bound into a booklet with a blue cover), and my textbook. What to do?

I had recently learned Transcendental Meditation™, a unique type of meditation which feels effortless and natural, yet promises to eliminate the stresses, stored in the nervous system and caused by overloads of experience throughout our life, that were claimed to be responsible for poor performance and other problems in life.

So I started with a 10-minute meditation to clear my mind. It worked, as usual. Then I looked at the first exam question and searched the book for the minimal understanding needed to answer it. Remarkably, I succeeded, and my answer looked reasonable (I wasn't so sure about its correctness).

It had taken 15 minutes or a bit longer to fake this answer. But I had hope now, and I continued, doing another 5-10 minute meditation to refresh my mind, which had become fatigued. I tackled the next question.

And so the night continued, question after question, until I finished about 3 AM. I set my alarm to wake up in time and had a short but refreshing sleep. The next day I handed in my blue book and waited for my grade.

Here was a subject that I never worked at, was not interested in, and yet needed to pass. Believe me, I was happy when I was given a C in that course. I was happy to pass.

So if you want to do better in school, I feel confident in recommending deep mantra meditation, either as taught by the method I learned or by an alternative, such as Natural Stress Relief (NSR), an inexpensive course that you teach yourself from a manual at home.

Don't take shortcuts. Take the one course that will help you take all other courses better.

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