What is even more valuable than time?

Time is the commodity you chew up with your lifespan. It bestows limits to your experience as a feeling, thinking, sensing being. It places a limit on the set of internalised perceptions you get to register.

So time is the most important thing to you personally so long as you want more experience and more perceptions. But if qualia lose value for you or take on a negative value, then time becomes worthless too. Every suicide makes this judgement. Every person seeking euthanasia sees time as an enemy, worse than valueless. For those people death has greater value.

Value is not intrinsic to time, it is bestowed on it by the user.

Immediately, your choices you make are more important than time.

Vocally, communication and building relationships is more important than time.

Physically, your health is more important than time.

Financially, money is worth more than time.

Emotionally, happiness is more important than time.

Structurally, a solid foundation is more important than time.

Truthfully, time is the most valuable; however, it's not how much time you have that is important, it's how you spend your time.

Spend your time wisely.

Question asked: What is even more valuable than time?

Being present !

Yeah, you can have all the time in the world, including being prepared, feeling right, the list goes on and on, but if your not present or better, have high quality mindfulness or right consciousness, oh well!

"It's Not the Years in Your Life That Count. It's the Life in Your Years"

It's Not the Years in Your Life That Count. It's the Life in Your Years

I would like to put up a screenshot of something written by @Asim Qureshi on LinkedIn!

In reality NOTHING is more valuable than time for the exceedingly simple reason that humans can neither produce it nor slow its passing significantly, in fact the only thing that humans can do is to measure it and we do that excessively and ad nauseum. Consider that someone else controls when your time starts on this earth. You then spend the first 20 or so years hoping it will rush by, and then the next 60 plus years wondering why it is passing by so quickly, until finally all the seconds, minutes and hours accumulate and we each reach the point where we runout of time. As a result there is nothing in our lives more valuable than a commodity over which we have no profound control, and if that is not bad enough we spend about 35% of our total time eating, sleeping, and doing things that do not require our full alertness. That means that in 80 years of life we will have been fully aware and alert for only about 52 years of them. Bummer.

Thanks Emmanuela for a2a. Scientifically speaking, space and time are two facets of our reality. We exist because of them. If space (3D) is not there, we cannot appear any where in the universe; we will lie hidden somewhere with a ‘non-existent' tag with us. Time will help us exist only when we are provided with ‘ample space'.

In addition to above argument, if our existence is established in (3+1)D environment, space is abundant. Time becomes limited and most precious commodity. Time constraint gains importance. TIMELINESS, THEREFORE, CAN BE SAID TO BE OF MORE VALUE THAN TIME ITSELF.

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