What is feminism?

After being immensely popular word in the past decade, a whole lot of people are aware of it but hardly few understand the real meaning, importance, relevance and application of it. Yes controversial word here is feminism.

Its repetitive use has started to bother many ears, as it somehow does not fit into their area of its definition.

Lets start with the basic definition of feminism:




the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Now lets see what are some meanings that people interrupt of the above sentence:

  1. Feminism is about equal rights for both men and women
  2. Feminism is only about men hating
  3. Feminism is a fancy word used by women which justifies anything which they do as ethical, irrespective of the reality.

Any of the interpretations correct? No. In fact none of them is.

Point one defines incomplete motive of feminism

Points two and three are the consequences of lack understanding of the real meaning of feminism.

Allow me to explain the true meaning:

In reference to point one, a lot of people think it's about having equal rights for both the genders which is indeed the ultimate goal of the feminist movements. So you may come up with the question, how is feminism different to gender equality, why is there a special term or rather movement created for the same purpose?

The reason is equality occurs when everyone is given a fair chance. Over the centuries, women has been treated differently and are confined to additional rules unlike men. So naturally, the rules for women are different or were different resulting which they need an extra support to reach to that fair chance which men has already achieved over the time. That support is called as feminism.

So here a better way to understand:

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