What is happiness for you?

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What is happiness for you?

  • Riding scooty while raining and cutting the layer of water in my way into two.
  • Going to the top of a mountain and say out "Aasaan Hai" (It's easy) loud to get the echo.
  • Going to the top of the mountain and sing my beautiful favourite song there.
  • Sitting under the sky full of billions of stars and seeing the meteor shower, Andromeda galaxy from there (yes, there are many such places on earth).
  • Talking with the kids. I wonder why people do not learn from them. I love to ask weird questions to them, in return many times I get interesting and meaningful answers.
  • Those cute small eye contacts with your crush. Look at her and then look away to pretend innocent :D
  • Listening to a beautiful song in female voice especially Shreya Ghoshal (I've listened today only).
  • Attending a live concert of your favourite singers (live concerts are love).
  • Recording a song officially in the studio ( I'm damn sure someday I will do this).
  • Singing a song for mom when she comes home after office to welcome her (and when she smiles as whole stress/tension of work has disappeared).
  • Eating unlimited pizza slices.
  • Smell of the pages of new novels/books.
  • Winning rock paper scissors 4 times in a row (Ahh! Feeling lucky now).
  • Getting unlimited internet with speed of 10+ Mbps.
  • Smell of soil after rain.
  • Dancing with friends in a college DJ night when the girls are not around :D (but we don't care much about them at that moment as nothing can stop us except DJ :P).
  • Giving the full money secretly after the bargaining of my mom from rikshawala.
  • Going on the long drive without knowing the destination.
  • Writing the last exam of the year and burning all the notes next day :P ( I mean deleting them all from your laptop in a single click).
  • Waking up early daily to see the beautiful sunrise.
  • Sitting at the sea/beach shore and let those waves pass over and touch your feet ( Soon I will visit one :) ).
  • The gentle touch of a cool breeze on the face. A slight howl from the wind. A refreshing smell in the air. It really relaxes & calms the soul.
  • Leaving facebook and joining quora (best decision ever).

Pardon me but most of my thoughts revolve around music :D

SpreadLove, SpreadHappiness ❤

Kisi ki muskurahaton pe ho nisar
Kisi ka dard mil sake to le udhaar
Jeena isi ka naam hai !

Interestingly this was the first question that I was asked in Civil Services Ethics Paper (CSE 2014) !

Happiness for me is when due to my efforts I am able to bring smile on the face of others. For instance:

  • When I was posted as BDO Bhagalpur, blessing given by an old lady who got her pension sanctioned made my day.
  • As SDM Bhadrachalam in Telanagana, a pregnant lady got her long pending certificate.
  • Teaching students in tribal areas of the country. In first class they may not be able to calculate even simple percentage question but after a month you will see them solving Probability question :)

On the similar lines, addressing queries of civil services aspirants and helping them achieve their dreams gives me great satisfaction as I have also gone through that grind and very well realize the importance of a good mentoring and guidance.

Recently, I and my wife (also an IAS) have written a book 71 to 51 (71 to 51: My new book by Bhavesh Mishra on 71 to 51: My book for complete preparation strategy) for UPSC aspirants and the response that we have got has been overwhelming.

We have received hundreds of Thank You ! messages on Gmail, Quora, Twitter and Amazon by those who read our book and found it to be useful.

We thank our readers. We will continue to help and guide students in whatever little way we can.

I was very lucky to have been born into a very privileged family.

The neighborhood I grew up in was what I believe every American mother and father hopes to give their children.  I lived in a mansion.  We had a pool and a massive backyard.  My dad drove a BMW.  My mom drove a BMW.  My first car at 16 was a BMW.  I went to a really good high school.  I went to college without an ounce of debt...etc...

...and still, as an adolescent, I was chronically depressed, had a strained relationship with my parents, and at the core was very, very unhappy.

This can be attributed to a number of things, but the primary was that somewhere in my subconscious I realized that nothing would ever "be enough."  The same town that provided all these wonderful things, also instilled in me this very false sense of purpose entirely dependent upon achievement.  If I got a B, why didn't I get an A?  If I got an A, why didn't I get an A+?  If I got the A+, why wasn't I working ahead, studying for the ACT, applying to colleges, buffing up my resumé, doing whatever I had to do to get into the best school possible.  And if I made a mistake, any mistake at all along the way, I was reprimanded and made to feel as though my entire future was a millimeter away from crumbling, all because I didn't ace one tiny quiz.

I say this because I learned at a very young age what made me UNHAPPY.  Money, I realized, would never make me happy.  No amount of Hawaii vacations in the presidential suite or new toys under the Christmas tree could take away from the fact that at the end of every day I went to sleep feeling like I would never be good enough. 

This is something that I've had to look at more and more in myself the older I get.  I think it's fair to say that I've accumulated an addiction to achievement-as well as a sense that until I reach this "unidentifiable peak of success" I will never be good enough.  And that perpetuates a constant state of unhappiness.

What I also learned though, again at a very young age, was what made me TRULY HAPPY.  And that was immersion, obsession, and undisturbed interest in a CRAFT.  As a teenager, I spent all my time playing World of Warcraft.  When my parents asked what I was going to do with my life, I ignored them and went back to my computer, unconcerned with the definition of my future and more interested in the next skill I could learn in the game.  (The irony here is that, in line with their expectations of achievement, I also found that same level of achievement in the World of Warcraft-I became one of the highest ranked players in North America)

It's a quality I hold very true to myself, this interest in a craft over its definition of success.  I am happy when I am mastering something, when discipline and creativity pulls me-not money or a trophy, turning the craft into a means to an end. 

Happiness, then, is not so much the action, but the state I'm in when performing that action.  When I'm immersed fully in whatever I'm creatively working on, I enter a state of flow.  And in that state of flow, I am happy.

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Happiness is a state of mind.

If I make a list of the situations which make me happy,then it will become a long list:
  1. When I get good marks.
  2. When I get the college bus at the last time.Everyday I have to catch the bus by running.
  3. Getting gifts in Bhai phonta<i.e similar to bhai dooj in northern India>.
  4. Foods when I am really hungry.
  5. When my sister gets good marks.
  6. When my parents are happy and me or my sister is responsible for this happiness.
  7. When my teachers are feeling proud of me.
  8. Traveling with family & relatives.
  9. Enjoying with friends(mainly with school friends after many times).
  10. Marriage ceremony of close relatives.
  11. Learning new things.
  12. Getting wet in rain.
  13. Surprise birthday party from friends.
  14. Bunking lectures with friends.
  15. Getting new dresses in Durgapuja.
  16. College party.
  17. When people give me compliments like beautiful,cute..anything like that :P
  18. Getting parties from friends.
  19. Spending time with a little,cute baby.
  20. Reading a novel or story book in leisure time.
  21. At last getting upvotes on Quora. :P
I am not always responsible for my happiness.I also become happy for others also.Actually happiness is satisfaction.There is no secret to find happiness,you can discover the happiness within yourself.You can choose your own ways to become happy. Be happy :).

Thanks for A2A.

I am sitting on my laptop, surfing Quora, watching a TV show, a packet of junk food near me. Six hours earlier I resigned from my job. Now I am humming, because I can feel it. I am happy.

  • I am just enjoying this moment right now. I have a job offer from another company - my work is stable.
  • I talked to my crush and we finally sorted things - now I can move on and have a love life
  • And there is a person on Quora who follows me whom I sorta like (You know who you are flirt and FYI I like you back)

This is happiness for me. Recognizing that things are good, things are fine. That the dark journey is over. Sometimes it takes a crisis for us to value the everyday things. The feeling of normalcy and happiness which we take for granted. The small things that we have that are so wonderful but we stop noticing.

Why does an ethical person have to face more hardship than the unethical person? What should he do?

Ethics has little to do with suffering. Indigestion to-day is the result of what you ate yesterday. If you are ethical now, you ensure comfort in future, if you face hardship now, it is your past wrong-doing visiting you. Therefore, do not give up being ethical, take care of suffering, separately and as best as you can.

What is the best way to improve life?

Mike has never put more than 40% effort into anything in school.He sits in the back of the class. He never listens. He figures out how to sleep with his eyes open, or hide under his desk to take naps.Maybe his dad

What is the most advanced technology used in elevators?

Serial link communication controllerAdvance weight senseConnected with elevator companies server which send alert in case of fault.Connected with Building management systemPassword protected specific floorAdvance encoder for accurate position and perfect floor levelAutomatic cancellation of nuisance calls.Diagonal infrared beam which can detect a passenger who is about to enter in elevator.Advance installation for high rise in which lift can be