What is high school like?

High school is not nearly as bad as movies depict it to be.

There isn't a specific group that "rules the school", as it is often shown, and there is no top clique. While there are cliques, it is mostly just specific groups of friends who hang out together.

There isn't the segregation of jocks, nerds, band kids, drama kids, etc., as most everyone gets along and there aren't too many instances of heavy bullying.

Of course, teasing and making fun of people exists, but usually it is among friends and not meant in a cruel way. That isn't to say that bullying doesn't exist, but it is far less common than most would expect, if using movies or television as a reference. The majority of the kids don't tolerate it and find ways to put a stop to it.

A lot of people go into high school assuming that it won't be much work, and that they can coast along without doing much besides being social.

While there are definitely plenty of opportunities to go out and have fun with your classmates and peers, it's important to understand that high school is preparing you for a higher education, a job, or both.

Most teachers are aware of the average student's workload (including the fact that many play sports and/or participate in other extracurricular activities), and they are happy to provide as much help or assistance with homework and your grade as possible. All you have to do is ask.

Parties, drinking, and sex are not as prominent as movies/tv depicts. Of course, they are not hard to find, but if that's not your scene, then you will rarely hear about it, and there is nothing to worry about.

If it is your scene, then it is very important that you take precautions in being safe and healthy. Make sure you know your limit, and take care to have a designated driver or a plan to spend the night at someone's house so that you are not driving drunk and endangering yourself and others.

Although I personally wasn't big on parties, I did discover the importance of being social and putting yourself out there. With all the stress of schoolwork and sports/hobbies/volunteering, it is important to have a solid group of friends that you can depend on.

Find a couple people that you have fun with and who make you happy. Surround yourself with people who will inspire you to be the best person that you can be, and don't let any negative people distract you.

Try to minimize your involvement in the gossip or drama. If you are kind to people and keep yourself away from petty arguments, you will find that you'll be much happier.

TL;DR - Bullying and cliques are not too big, and there aren't many issues with them. Mostly everyone is friendly and welcoming. Find people who make you happy and inspire you. Remember to work hard, as you are creating a base for your future. Do not be afraid to ask for help; that's what teachers are for. Balance out your social and academic life. Be safe and always have a plan.

I'm currently a sophomore in high school. High school is...interesting. As far how it's like, I'll break it up in categories and I'll tell you.


The classes at high school are sort-of harder than junior high classes, it honestly just depends on what type of classes that you take. But, expect to stay up late at night if you are a procrastinator or if you take harder classes (Honors, AP, Dual-Credit, Online, etc.)


The teachers can honestly vary, but at my school most are chill and laid back and you can go to them for advice and they'll genuinely help you if you need extra help. But, if you don't put in effort, they probably won't. As long as you respect them and do what you need to do, they'll be chill and you won't need to have any problems. But, there always that one teacher and one class you'll always hate. It's just that.


AHHHH. The wonderful world of people. You'll meet a lot of interesting people in high school. But, don't expect it to be like the movies. Sure, there are cliques and the popular kids, the people who are goth and emo, and the rich kids. But guess what? Who cares. People might stare at you weird but sometimes people really don't care.

Because my school is diverse, people always talk to everybody no matter who they are. As long as you're a cool person, then people will talk to you.

And then in high school, I can't stress this enough-YOU WILL SEE TRUE COLORS IN PEOPLE-I mean this. When people get around other people that are different from them, you'll see who they are. Your friends in middle school probably won't be your friends in high school. A girl you've spent a year being friends with probably won't be your friend anymore. It's just what it is. My best advice to you is to not let anyone punk you around and respect and love and take care of yourself.

People will use you, people will lie, act crazy, play you, etc., but it's all a learning process, really.

High school is a pretty chill place and environment. If you are asking this question, I assume you are an incoming freshman seeking advice from upper class men, so here we go.

There is still that stress culture if you go to a really competitive school where everyone takes like 4–5 or even more AP courses a year. Sometimes if you overload yourself on classes you will find it hard to sleep at a reasonable hour. The key is to balance your workload and classes.

There are also a lot of clubs and activities for you to get involved in. Don't go for MUN, MC, Junior STEM or the other stereotypical competitive student clubs; pick what clubs YOU want to be in and pursue them so that you can eventually earn a leadership position.

Don't get me wrong; there is still the opposite end of the spectrum; the party scene and drugs. Most of time people will vape in school bathrooms, and you will not have to look far to find out that someone you know ended up being a ‘dealer'. If you go to a ‘banger' then you can expect to find lots of beer, drugs and people looking to hook up and even more. You should definitely go to a few parties during high school but really you should save that mainly for college in order to focus on improving your life and getting into that top level college you want to get in to. You should try to stay away from the druggies and the dealers and don't try to associate yourself with them. Again, this is for your own good. You can be all cool and smoke weed in high school but your going to messing up your whole life ahead of you.

Moving on to lockers. Usually you will get a locker in high school. However, if you are allowed to carry your bag around with you to all your classes; NEVER use your locker, unless you are putting a coat or a jacket in there. It's a pain going back and forth to your locker between classes. However, if you have to use your locker, plan it our so that you carry all your morning binders with you to then switch out after lunch to your afternoon classes.

Next up, the ‘social hierarchy'. High School is different from middle school in the sense that when you reach 8th grade you don't really care because you will be going back to school next fall. However, being a senior is way different. You get this one last year in a traditional k-12 district so your school will likely plan lots of actually cool activities for seniors such as a Senior Class Disney Trip, a Floor Hockey tournament and a swing dance competition. Being a senior means that you have been with your classmates for almost 12 years and its about time you acted like brothers and sisters and just chilled together with no drama. Now, if you are a freshman, know your place in the school. Don't go bothering seniors or juniors because you will get picked on. It's the sad truth of high school but once you reach your junior year you will understand what it's like to be on "top". The structure is always Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and then Senior. Don't go bothering the upper class men.

Coming up next is sports. There a variety of sports that you can try out for in high school including swimming, football, golf, fencing, and even frisbee. Pick what sport you are the best at and pursue it all four years. You can also do multiple sports a year because there are three seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Try to get on Varsity as early as you can to make a good impression on colleges. Also if you are on the team for all 4 years, you can try out to be the captain of your team senior year. You don't have to be the best in your team to become captain, you just have to have the most leadership and the ability to take initiative. The sports scene in high school is very different from middle school. People actually go to games! Don't stay home during your homecoming football game; go out there and have fun.

Next up is dances. You will have various dances through the school year including homecoming, J-Prom, and Senior Prom. You should always try to go to as many dances as possible. If you are a guy, don't be afraid to ask a sophomore to Junior Prom or go out with a girl the grade below you. In high school no one really cares about age difference unless you are 18 (then it's illegal).

Lastly, teachers. Teachers are the main part of high school because they will make or break your grade. There's always those few teachers that regardless if you put in 3 hours of study time in to your class after school, you won't get the grade you deserve. Some teachers are just plain strict or harsh graders and will do everything in their power to make sure they hand out as few A's as possible. This could include excessive quizzes, tests or projects which all have hard rubrics. Then on the other hand, you have your chill teachers. The ones that teach the class while having fun with their students. These are the ones you want to get because you will actually get taught the material and feel prepared come test day. Finally there are the teachers that honestly don't give a sh*t and will not teach the class at all. They are just at school to show up and get paid. They will not hand out any worksheets, but will just give lectures and expect you to take notes for the quiz. In this instance, the textbook and online resources like Khan Academy will be your best friend to get a good grade. In high school you can try to ask for a bump in your grade at the end of the year. It's not always going to work but you can try. Also more often than not, teachers will not grade on a curve. That's a college thing.

Also as a side note, no one cares if you curse. You have been in school for ten years now so no teacher will care if you drop the f bomb in their class provided it's not interrupting their lecture or power point.

I'm going into my 10th grade year of high school.

It's not that bad. It's actually pretty fun. I joined Robotics the second week of school and made some amazing friends there and met a lot of people and went to a lot of places. Sadly, most of the people on my FTC and SeaPerch robotics teams were seniors and I was the only freshman. I miss them a lot, but we all still keep in touch. With them gone though that means I have to step up and be the captain for both teams. I should be good because I had some great people to teach me, but it's still intimidating.

The academics will get harder. You will have to spend more time on your school work to get an A especially if you go to a magnet (basically a school with very rigorous academics) school like I do. I was in 2 honors classes and it was hard to adjust at first but then it got easier once I got a schedule going.

You have to work to make and keep friends. If your friends aren't in your classes you will have to plan to hang out to keep your relationship strong and healthy.

Some tip I have are to

  • Do your homework its not that hard
  • Go to the social events that's where you meet a lot of people
  • Be nice to everyone you might need them one day
  • Don't skip class because it isn't worth it
  • Try and make some good friends
  • Try things for the first time
  • Get involved in clubs
  • Get to know your teachers they might give you that extra point to an A on your report card
  • HAVE FUN because time flies really fast

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It's not too bad.

Yes, high school contains more homework and stress than middle school. That's a given. Your teachers may not teach you all the material you need to know, so make sure to use Crash Course & Khan Academy videos. You'll find out that the cafeteria food is still the same from middle school. And people are still cruel. That never changes.

High school is the beginning of peer pressure and other temptations. Your classmates will start experimenting with drugs, cigarettes, sex, and drinking. It's your choice if you want to partake in those activities.

High school is stressful. Make sure to not stay at home and study all the time, go out and get some fresh air. Join clubs to meet new people and to gain new interests. Ask your teachers for help when needed; they aren't just there to intimidate you or bore you with useless content.

High school is a time for trying new things, making new friends, and having fun. You have four years to make the most out of high school, as well as relax and enjoy being a kid until you get to college.

As long as you use time management and have a great group of friends, high school should be a breeze. What I would give up to redo my senior year of high school. Most of all, study hard and have fun!

High school is high school. Here's what I can give you through 1 1/2 years of experience:

You'll meet the following people: jocks, bullies, nerds, goths/emos, outcasts, losers and druggies. Jocks aren't always bullies, but some can be real jerks. Goths are basically emo nerds. Emos aren't as "emo" as the ones you see on TV, but they're just more emotional than the average person, and while some can be really annoying, some are actually pretty cool. Outcasts are just people who don't really fit in with any group. Losers are generally the popular people you dislike and you feel that they won't do anything meaningful in their lives. Finally, druggies are those kids who vape in the locker room while you're changing for gym class or talk about smoking weed on the weekends with their friends. I'm probably a mix of all of these, except for druggie.

The following things may happen: you'll meet new friends, you'll lose old friends, you'll notice someone you like, you'll ask someone out, you'll go out with someone, you'll break up with someone, you MAY be punched or slapped, you might realize you're gay or bisexual, you'll definitely be teased and you will cry AND break down. A lot of this stuff sounds bad, and it kind of is, but you'll be able to get through it.

You will DEFINITELY be exposed to sex, drugs and alcohol.

Throughout all this, you'll have teachers, some you'll think are really cool and some you'll think are really mean/annoying, and your subjects, which include varying difficulties and forms of math, science, social studies/history, ELA and world language(s). There's also PE, electives and extracurricular activities AKA sports and clubs.

Finally, you are expected to never fight, swear, talk back and sit up straight and pay complete attention to what the teacher is saying at all times.

But seriously, and I can't stress this enough, don't take my interpretation of high school seriously. You may find your experience comepletely different, and the one thing I'm absolutely sure will happen to you is that you'll get confused a lot.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to finish my ELA homework.

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