What is humanity's biggest mistake?

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Our biggest mistake is in looking at the land (and waters) as a commodity. It's idiocy and ignorance. We see it as a thing, inanimate, dead. We value it by our made-up currency, rather than valuing earth's resources qualitatively. We need these resources to survive, but we give "carbon credits" to the highest bidder? Really? My neighbor can burn his garbage, dump manure in the rivers and lakes and drain his marsh lands with little more than some paperwork if the authorities even bother to check it out.

We take the planet and its (once) abundant resources for granted. It's suicide. If not for us, for our children. It doesn't take a genious to know if you have one tree and you cut it down, you will have no trees. Pretty simple really. But, like Jared Diamond asked in his book, "Collapse," who cut down the last tree? And what on earth were they thinking?

Humans seem to have always been a "see a resource, take a resource" kind of species. We like immediate gratification. But that is going to get us in big trouble yet again if we don't all smarten up. And fast!

We continue to act in the paradigm of short-term gain and agendas of individual advantage/tribal advantage, as if humans were still very few, living in small, scattered groups, and the world was still big and open. This would be fine if we had another 10,000 years to grow out of it. We do not.

The global warming phenomena will wreck economies with storms like we are now seeing, only more frequent and worse; wildfires like we are now seeing and worse, etc. Seafront properties and coastal cities will become unusable in the next generation's lifetime. Drought will increase and ruin crops. The refugee problem from Syria will pale in comparison to the refugee problem from the former Bangladesh once that extremely low-lying country floods. We have to learn to act for the benefit of the entire human family for this to change, and frankly I doubt it will happen.

Sorry to be so negative but this is how I feel about our future; we just don't care until it bothers US, and it will be too late by then.

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