What is it like to be a foreign exchange student in Europe?

Ok, I will try based on my students reviews:

  1. Lectures are for 200 - 300 students. Much less attends.
  2. Nobody cares about attendance
  3. No dorms, everyone rents their place from regular landlords
  4. All universities are in cities (towns)
  5. Some universities are very old
  6. Most universities are free
  7. Life is rather expensive
  8. Nobody cares about your homeworks. In many cases they are neither checked nor grades
  9. Students are older, and you can drink if you are 18
  10. Students can take classes again, if failed
  11. Grade is based on final exam, ONLY
  12. Everyone likes it but some get low grades see #11

What is schizophrenic poetry?

Poetry about schizophrenia. It's a compound of schizophrenia and poetry. An open compound word is created in cases when the modifying adjective is used with its noun to create a new noun. I had never heard of

Do you think President Trump loves Melania?

Love plays no role in the Trump's relationship. It is not now, nor has it ever been, a factor.I do not believe that Donald is capable of loving anyone, and for her part, Melania does not love Donald either.I believe that as soon as her contractual obligations to Donald are complete, and she is able

Where have you lived that you'd never live again?

Wilmington, NC. It's a very nice Southern city. Great historic residences and buildings. A nice, thriving downtown scene. But, sheezus, the six-month-long summer is SO freaking humid and hot: a veritable steam pot (can easily have to take 4 showers a day). Since it's not on the