What is it like to be introverted or even shy and to be a teacher?

I am an introvert shy teacher. I used to teach children of 12 to 16 age. I would share my experience here.

In the beginning I used to shiver to stand and talk infront of a lot of people. But once I enter into the subject I used to take them to different world in which I am very comfortable. With practice shivering was gone. I used a read a lot of child psychology books to understand children better. If any child made any mistake I used to think that it was my fault that I failed to teach him/her properly. I came to know that children won't learn good manners just by saying. So I practiced them first. They only immitate us. I have changed myself a lot. In the beginning I used to have a problem that last bench students couldn't hear my voice as I am too shy to speak louder. But later I overcame this problem. If I found any student having difficulty to understand, I used to teach them personally. Sometimes I used to take them to library and made them to read anything they like. I showed them a lot of good books to read. Sometimes I have also presented my books to those who showed interest in reading. Children used to visit me in holidays just to sit and chit chat with me.

Meanwhile I am only 18 years of age when I am a teacher. Presently I am final year engineering student with an ambition to become a scientist. Some of my students have cracked IIT-JEE which was my lost dream. I used to teach 6th to10th physics.

I am a teacher and an introvert. INFJ according to Myers-Briggs personality testing.

It is generally tiring. I can act like an extrovert but it costs energy. At the end of the day I look forward to spending time alone and I need to replenish my energy theough meditation, walking, reading and watching nature.

It also influences my teaching style as I try and incorporate quiet and independent activities. My reasoning is that we live in a noisy, extrovert world and most students need the opportunity to sit, think and work without distraction.

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