What is it like to get blackmailed?

You are being bullied but THEY also want your money.  Your deepest most private secrets are about to be disclosed.  You are being taken on an emotional roller coaster and you feel your good name is on the line.

Don't let it happen, short circuit their bad intent and share frequently with others no matter how personal it is.  Behave yourself amongst others.

disclaimer......  I have yet to be in this position
It's hell. It can't be explained in words. I woke up many times in the midnight with so much tension in muscles, sweat, temperature in body.
I didn't feel like eating, talking, living. I didn't  care of one's health, hygiene, family or anything.
Those were the worst moments of life when I thought my life was over. I thought of ending life. Those were moments when I said,"Why me? Why was I born?" etc.

I entered the storm. I struggled. I left storm. It didn't kill me, but mad me stronger.

But getting out of the situation miraculously is like being born again.
Now I would say, "I am not what I was."
Which Tesla Model S should I buy: 85D or 90D?

As an owner of a P85 for the past 2 years, I can tell you that the instant acceleration even of a single motor is addictive and you never get bored of it. If you have the cash, go ahead.  But even a barebones 70S at half the price of a P90D is a helluva car.

Black Market: How could you sell valuable stolen items, like precious gems/metals, paintings, cars, etc...?

Imagine you walk into a high street jewellers to buy an engagement ring. How do you know the diamond wasn't stolen? It's origin should be documented, but a criminal just needs to find one corruptible person in the chain of

What is high school like?

I'm currently a sophomore in high school. High school is...interesting. As far how it's like, I'll break it up in categories and I'll tell you.CLASSESThe classes at high school are sort-of harder than junior high classes, it honestly just depends on what type of classes that you take. But, expect to stay up late at night if