What is it like to have a six pack being a girl?

I have a mixed reaction.

I'm already pretty masculine on a lot of fronts; the name I use publically (Frankie), my interests (mechanical work, sword fighting), my hobbies (working out, MMOs). So having a six-pack is just another thing that causes people to look twice.

I enjoy being strong. Having abs isn't something I actively work towards, but instead is a result of a good diet and plenty of physical activity. And yes, there is the gratification of being able to check a six pack off the bucket list.

However, I find plenty of people are worried or offended by my physique. Friends have offered help, concerned that I may have an eating disorder (I don't). New acquaintances nearly always assume I am lesbian (which I'm not, and have no qualms with, until the same person inquires 3–4 times- just to be sure), because what straight woman would want to look like me? I won't wear a two piece bathing suit anymore after an incident in which I overheard a man remark to his friend that I looked like a freak, and a ‘painful fuck.' I guess the objectification there is my own fault for having an ‘abnormal' body type (sarcastic snort).

But to be honest, I like having a six pack. My current SO was a bit shocked the first time we were in bed, but it never caused a problem for us. I have had both guys and girls act oddly standoffish toward me, and my best guess is that I made them feel they had to prove something, but no decent human beings make a big deal of it. All in all, a six pack is overrated, but I allow myself a small guilty pleasure- my vanity, limited to my physique.

How to lose weight in 25 days

ExerciseMany people attempt to lose weight by diet alone, but exercise is the key. Not only does it help you shed the extra kilos, but will also boost your mood and keep your skin glowing.Workout 7 days a weekMake sure you workout 30 – 45 minutes a day so that you burn more calories

What are ways of calculating weight loss?

If someone loses 1lb of fat, they have, by definition, lost around 3500 kilo-calories of fat. As far as I know, there's no alternate accounting for fat loss aside from conversion to other measures (e.g. Joules) because the basis of the numbers are rooted in physics and chemistry.

What are the best websites and textbooks in nutrition?

You might start with this one. Heck, I might get it myself.Amazon.com: Biochemistry For Dummies (9781118021743): John T. Moore, Richard H. Langley: BooksBiochemistry is very complex. Every time i wade into the topic to see how one specific food type is utilized in