What is it like to recover from severe OCD?

I don't know about full recovery. Actually even if you don't have obsessive compulsive thoughts there still is a fear of falling into that process again. That fear kills you more than anything else. Its like a monster sitting on your shoulder. And because OCD actually alters your way of living.

I think that coming out of OCD depends on a lot of things: How long were you suffering from it, how good was your therapist (It is extremely important to have a therapist with whom you can connect, feel comfortable with and someone who you think understands you) and above all people around you - your friends and family and their support.

With all these things in place you can definitely recover from it.
One more thing and probably the most important: Don't forget to take your medication. OCD is not like a common flu that your body can fight against. OCD stems from lack of certain kind of chemicals and which, if low and which result is such a disorder, can only be treated by taking proper medication. Forget about any side effects. What you first want is a stable mind.
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