What is it like to ruin someone's birthday, by mistake?

Ruining someone's day sucks. And when it is their birthday...don't even get me started on that. On my best-friend-from-college's eighteenth birthday, we all took a trip to the beach for two days. The night before, everyone except the birthday girl decided to pull a little prank on her. We all had decided to pack same type of clothes and for the prank, we chose to change all her swimsuits to stringy bikinis while we all had decent ones. We packed her a new suitcase full of her ‘new wardrobe' which looked exactly like the previous one and exchanged it at night. But I couldn't sleep thinking that she might feel more betrayed than happy on thus joke so after everyone fell asleep, I crept back in and exchanged the suitcases.

Happy with my task, next day I could see everyone excited and all dressed up for the fun trip. When we reach to our hotel, I hear a scream from the other room and we all rush to see the birthday girl flipping out just lingerie-looking swimsuits from her suitcase. And everyone looks shell-shocked, including me.

What's the all time best book on sports nutrition (what Rippetoe's 'Starting Strength' is to strength training or Noakes 'Lore of Running' is to running)?

Just finished reading Advanced Sports Nutrition: Second Edition by Dan Benardot. 5 star rating on Amazon.The book starts of with nutrition sources for athletes and explains in detail what type of carbohydrates there are, what proteins and fat do in relationship to a workout. It's

Who are the most unhappy couples you have ever seen?

After wasting ten years of my life with a man who did not sleep with me, cuddle with me, hold my hand, kiss me, or otherwise touch me in any way, it would seem hard to find someone whose marriage was worse (other than domestic violence situations). But sadly, I

Which is the best android phone below 7000?

Given below are the most highly recommended choices along with user ratings on specific aspects. The complete list is available at Best Android Mobiles under Rs 7000#1 Micromax Canvas Nitro 2 (5.0 inch, Android v4.4.2 (KitKat), Dual Sim, 13.0 megapixels Rear Cam, 5.0 megapixels Front Cam, 1.40 GHz, Octa Core, 2.0