What is it like to use Microsoft Windows at Apple?

Most electrical test equipment uses windows, as do most hardware evaluation modules from silicon vendors. When I worked at apple in Mac hardware I had pcs in my office running windows, computers are just a tool and you use the most available tool for the job. If you are working in hardware then you'll likely be using a PC for a lot of t&m stuff.
Some people might just use as they can't get away easily from their past but it doesn't take really much time to start liking Mac. That was not prediction, worked at Apple for sometime.

I think some teams really use windows as their test environments.
Why do Muslims believe in Moses (Musa)?

It is simple really!Allaah has enshrined Moses in the Qur-aan as a great Prophet and Messenger and has referred extensively to him as a paradigm of behavior. We must believe in and accept all of the prophets who came to mankind!Why? Because they all came to guide mankind back to a God-centered worship/submission

What would happen if extraterrestials watched our alien movies?

I would hope that they see them as comedies.Otherwise, they might run (or slither or slide or galumph or whatever) screaming from the theater after watching something like this:

According to science what happens to the soul after death?

There's no scientific evidence for a soul, none at all.  In fact according to scientific understanding, even the concept of a soul is impossible.A person's thoughts and emotions are entirely the result of billions of minute electrical signals