What is it like to visit Hobbiton in New Zealand?

It's actually better than you might think...

I've visited a couple of times when I've had family over here visiting New Zealand. The first time I went, I fully expected a cheesy tourist attraction, with bits of the old film sets set-up for photo opportunities. However I was blown away by the place.

The ‘village' genuinely feels like a small hamlet. The staff there keep the place looking and feeling like it's in regular use: vegetable patches are bursting with produce, plants and flowers are everywhere, insects buzz about lazily, washing hangs from lines... It's beautiful!

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen on Duolingo?

As Pamila Jo Florea has said, there are a few issues, but not exactly too weird stuff. I find their use of colors on figures representing humans quite interesting. Considering that I did not find it much more than interesting, I do not have screenshots to prove the point, but I have to

What is the best country to work in as an actuary?

Any country where you enjoy living will almost certainly work for you. The most jobs, and therefore the most actuaries, are in the US but I know actuaries from all over the world and they all like working in the country they live in. Unless your country doesn't have an insurance industry, you'll

Do doctors tend to be Democrats or Republicans?

I'd like to hopefully provide good and accurate information while also setting the record straight so to speak. An article in October of last year reported essentially that all-in-all, it's nearly 50/50. Because most Americans are Democrats, it seems that you are slightly more likely to be a