What is it to love someone truly and get dumped before getting married?

This happened to me and, yes, it's horrible.  I was engaged to the woman I loved and then she realised that, although we made great best friends, we didn't make the perfect couple.  We have remained best friends and talk to each other on the phone, by text or in person every couple of days.  She is now married to someone else (she introduced us once their relationship took hold, telling him that I was someone he needed to get on with [and vice versa]!) but I have never been interested in anyone else.  To be honest, the pain was so great I just don't have the emotional energy any more for another relationship so it would never work.  Maybe I'm still a bit raw - it's only been 15 years or so.  Maybe I'll feel different some time in the future but I wouldn't put money on it!
it is blessed, glad u already finished it before u two get married. god shows u that he's not good for u :)
It sucks, terribly, but at the same time it's better it happens before that couple gets married because it's much harder to divorce.  Divorce is expensive and very troubling to go through, especially if you have children together.
How would Africa be today if colonialism never happened?

My guess is not that different. I will assume that Europeans, Arabs and Indians still trade with the coastal cities. These cities would be extremely rich and cosmopolitan, very much like Zanzibar.The slave trade happened before the major drive of colonialism. The African trading partners of the European and Arab slavers built

If I purchase a house for 300000 how much can I rent it out?

The price you pay for the home has little to do with how much monthly rent you can charge. The rental rate is dependent upon what the market will bear in your area. A real estate agent/property manager could determine this for you. If

What is the biggest secret that you keep from your SO, and why cannot they ever find out?

Going anonymous for this one.I had a childhood sweetheart. I've never gotten over him. We both went our separate ways at one point. He got married and so did I. My marriage fell apart and ultimately came to an end.We