What is life all about? What is the best way to live happy and successful life?

Life is all about being you, it's being true  to yourself it is about grasping every opportunity, it is about not caring what other people say. To live a happy life is basically learning three things:

  1. you need to learn to let go, let go of the people who are  putting you down, let go of the pain that caused you to be locked up in the shadows of your past, to let go of the things that you cannot change.
  2. you need to learn to be contented, you need to stop looking for things that you don't have and just pay attention to the things right in front of you.
  3. and lastly you need to learn how to accept things and move on, if you cant accept that you lose on a football game then on the entirety of your lifetime your stuck holding a grudge and being sorry to yourself.

what i'm trying to say is true happiness is people who knows how to let go, to be contented, to accept and move on.

I can't really define success because each and everyone of us has different perceptions of success, some define success as a lot of green paper a car and a big house. the only answer i could give you is success is achieved when you're happy with what you have gained and if you have a damn load of patience because life comes with a lot of challenges.

life is a beautiful journey between two dates ...date of birth and a date we do not know when we are living . We want to live a life full of joys and we do not want any bad incident of sorrow ,failure or discomfort which is not possible however hard you may try . Now a question arises how we can be happy , successful ,healthy and blissful all the time .

ask a saint ,he would say ,he is happy and blissful all the time . But he worked  hard to attain that bliss sitting in meditation for hours every day .

ask a child how he is happy for no reason he would not tell his secret as he was born healthy and his parents take care of his needs .

ask a teenager he is not happy until he has a girl friend .

an old man is a happy person ?? No  ..man an  old person ,even rich and healthy would tell you 100 reasons of unhappiness because he forgets about his blessings

living so long   and wants to fill his bucket of life with some more ,more and more until it overflows because he did not enjoy his life when he was young ,he wants to go places, he did not see all his life because he was busy working but life is not to enjoy in stages . it happens everyday and should be lived everyday with fun ,with ambition of big dreams . They can stay unfulfilled but at least have them . Try a little every day . With hard work and patience ,with effort and determination ,knock the door of success every day ,go and search for it ,do not sit until it becomes true . Fail ,fall ,get up ,push and try again ,nothing is difficult to get, try try again . One day you would see you  are haying a degree in hand ,on the road of success even many opportunities would be offered . Grab one and do it diligently ,with best capacity keeping in mind you are the best .

For each person life is unique, all religions teach that we are on a journey. Finding your truth is what makes your path meaningful and fulfilling. Success is your ability to achieve something that you are really passionate and curious about. No goal achieved remains fulfilling, the journey is more inspiring, than the result.

If you analyse yourself, where you won something without work, did you enjoy that moment, compared to when you won something because of the effort you had put in?

What seems to bring happiness is the ability to help others rather than focusing on helping yourself. You are blessed to have these amazing abilities which if used in the service of others will give you pleasure and satisfaction and the reward of career and the personal satisfaction of being great at it.

Looking in the mirror and being proud of the person you are or wish to be, I suggest is a great compass for you to focus on what you are attracted to. Success varies in its pursuit. Everyone has moments of gratitude which enable them to feel wealth beyond measurement, building on these moments feeds your soul and gives you energy to bound over the next mountain.

Taking pages out of the books of those you admire will also enhance your ability to pinpoint the life you wish to find. If you are relying on others to feel successful then you will be setting yourself up for failure. The person whose opinion counts most about your success is yourself, and it matters not how many people think you are brilliant if you yourself, don't think so.

Happiness is also a state of mind and grows from gratefulness. I can have all the success according to my peers and colleagues. If I am not happy with how I am applying myself now, then what use is that outside success?

The internal world I suggest is the key to finding your happiness and success. Applying yourself accordingly will bear its fruit. If you are interested in techniques to develop this further, please contact me through successfacilitator

The problem with intelligent people is that we think too much. What should I be doing at this stage of my life? Why am I unhappy? Should I talk to that person? What will she think about me? Why does everything seem meaningless? What do I really want? ...and on and on and on.

We try to use our intelligence to determine what we should do. We have forgotten how to use our instinct.

Learn to use instinct by looking at animals, such as a cat. What does a cat do?

  • When it is hungry, it looks for food
  • When it is full, it takes a nap
  • When it hears a rustling sound, it investigates
  • When it sees a cat of the opposite sex, it meows and goes behind it
  • When it sees a cat of the same sex in its territory, it growls and fights

In short, it lives in the moment. Using intelligence to determine What we should do is "ass-backwards". We should be driven by our instincts. That is how we have evolved. We should be using our intelligence to to determine How we should do something.

HAVE you read my posts to 20 year olds.  I go into great detail what will make a happy life.

You can choose to be happy every day.  I do.  I am stalked by some pretty hateful evil people and I still choose to be happy.  I refuse to allow assholes to steal my life.  In spite of what these pieces of shit have done to me, I have had a great life and still will until the end of this life. They stole from and continue to steal from me always hoping they will take me out forever.  Had I known what I am telling you in my posts at 20, I would not have been here.  For reasons beyond my control, I had to have this lesson. No one told me until I was in my 50s.  If I had only known in my 20s.  These people are so sick they think they can learn who I am by just watching and following and stalking me.  No one will ever know all about me.  It is not possible to know everything about anyone.  That is ludicrous and stupid on their part.  Your life is your life.  Were that not true, I would have been dead a very long time ago.  You must be wise as a serpent and sweet as a lamb.  In my 20s, I was not wise......  I did not have people like me to tell me the truth.

You may have to fight for your life this time around.  So many things bring you to wherever you are today.  It is a sum total of this life and many lives before this one.

Also, some people do not have to fight for their life.  THEY fought vehemently in previous lives and completed their lesson with losses.  Now this time around they get a cushy life.  God bless them.  THEY  earned it. 

I did not come by this knowledge lightly.  I had to work my butt off to get it.  I was also very stubborn and didn't want to hear it.  I was afraid.  Now I embrace what I know and work with it daily.

We are blessed to have forums today where evolved people will share their knowledge freely.  Thank your lucky stars.  I recall sitting in my house when this stalking began and said what the hell is going on here.  I had no clue.  Now I know exactly what is going on.  Whatever I did in previous lives brought me to this place.  I was angry at first and now I am in total acceptance.  I know that I had to go this route because I had to go this route.  I tried to make it different and I simply ran into brick walls.  I had to clean up what needed to be cleaned up and I have and I will keep doing so until I am told I do not have to do this anymore.

Life can be tough or it can be blissful. I prefer blissful and got tough.  You get lemons and you make lemonade.  There was a time that I was a very bad selector of persons.  NOW I am stellar at reading and picking people.  I won't have to ever do that lesson again.  Thank goodness.  Scary lesson.

Please read my posts to 20 year olds.  Oh and by the way you can start your life over at any time and get a lesson finished anytime.  Lesson learning is not a respecter of age.  I came here as an old soul and still had to learn many, many lessons.

Find people that will tell you the truth.  There are so many false lessons and false profits out here.  And, there are people that will help us with answers that are right on.  Unfortunately, we cannot wear a sign that says I am truthful.  People would think I am pretentious.  Therefore, we must learn to pick and choose wisely.  WE must use discernment and very careful behavior before allowing anyone into our lives.  Titles and credentials mean very little.  It is the heart.....only the heart.  I am not saying that people with credentials don't have heart.  They do.  It is our responsibility to use discernment.

Good luck my friend.  You should thank your lucky stars that you have a forum to ask these questions to at least know and then make your own decisions.

Life is short.

It's all about communities.

Know, and be known.

You can be known, and loved for your performances (eg: a well known artist, business man, or teacher).
You can also be known for your love and care for others.

In the Bible (that ancient book), they state 2 things:

1- The conclusion of all that's been heard, is fear God and keep His commandments.

2- Jesus said: "Love God above anything, and love one another, like you love yourself".

Those are hard things to do, but in the end will make you a much happier person.

The happiest person, is he who gives happiness to others,
Especially those who need it so much!

Life is about being and spreading Happiness! Just as there are stages in an orange seed sprouting to become a seedling, then a plant, then a tree, then a flower to bear fruit that you might enjoy; life also follows stages of understanding, maturity in knowledge, and wisdom: all through infancy, childhood, young and older youth-hood before embarking on adult life.

At each stage, there are rules of Science and Spirituality that needs following for a happy successful life.

Seek Truth. (without being guided by another)

More specifically, Seek Your Truth. (without being guided by another)

In consequence, all Truth will  be accessible to you.

Aha, you say, and why would that be?

Aha, I say, because Truth IS, regardless of what you, or another entity or individual thinks, says, or does.

It is as simple and as difficult as that.

If you think that Truth is subjective, you haven't allowed yourself to be exposed to enough Truth to really feel it yet.

If you know that truth is objective, then you also know how difficult it is to assist an individual who only has a subjective perception of Truth.

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