What is life all about? What is the best way to live happy and successful life?

HAVE you read my posts to 20 year olds.  I go into great detail what will make a happy life.

You can choose to be happy every day.  I do.  I am stalked by some pretty hateful evil people and I still choose to be happy.  I refuse to allow assholes to steal my life.  In spite of what these pieces of shit have done to me, I have had a great life and still will until the end of this life. They stole from and continue to steal from me always hoping they will take me out forever.  Had I known what I am telling you in my posts at 20, I would not have been here.  For reasons beyond my control, I had to have this lesson. No one told me until I was in my 50s.  If I had only known in my 20s.  These people are so sick they think they can learn who I am by just watching and following and stalking me.  No one will ever know all about me.  It is not possible to know everything about anyone.  That is ludicrous and stupid on their part.  Your life is your life.  Were that not true, I would have been dead a very long time ago.  You must be wise as a serpent and sweet as a lamb.  In my 20s, I was not wise......  I did not have people like me to tell me the truth.

You may have to fight for your life this time around.  So many things bring you to wherever you are today.  It is a sum total of this life and many lives before this one.

Also, some people do not have to fight for their life.  THEY fought vehemently in previous lives and completed their lesson with losses.  Now this time around they get a cushy life.  God bless them.  THEY  earned it. 

I did not come by this knowledge lightly.  I had to work my butt off to get it.  I was also very stubborn and didn't want to hear it.  I was afraid.  Now I embrace what I know and work with it daily.

We are blessed to have forums today where evolved people will share their knowledge freely.  Thank your lucky stars.  I recall sitting in my house when this stalking began and said what the hell is going on here.  I had no clue.  Now I know exactly what is going on.  Whatever I did in previous lives brought me to this place.  I was angry at first and now I am in total acceptance.  I know that I had to go this route because I had to go this route.  I tried to make it different and I simply ran into brick walls.  I had to clean up what needed to be cleaned up and I have and I will keep doing so until I am told I do not have to do this anymore.

Life can be tough or it can be blissful. I prefer blissful and got tough.  You get lemons and you make lemonade.  There was a time that I was a very bad selector of persons.  NOW I am stellar at reading and picking people.  I won't have to ever do that lesson again.  Thank goodness.  Scary lesson.

Please read my posts to 20 year olds.  Oh and by the way you can start your life over at any time and get a lesson finished anytime.  Lesson learning is not a respecter of age.  I came here as an old soul and still had to learn many, many lessons.

Find people that will tell you the truth.  There are so many false lessons and false profits out here.  And, there are people that will help us with answers that are right on.  Unfortunately, we cannot wear a sign that says I am truthful.  People would think I am pretentious.  Therefore, we must learn to pick and choose wisely.  WE must use discernment and very careful behavior before allowing anyone into our lives.  Titles and credentials mean very little.  It is the heart.....only the heart.  I am not saying that people with credentials don't have heart.  They do.  It is our responsibility to use discernment.

Good luck my friend.  You should thank your lucky stars that you have a forum to ask these questions to at least know and then make your own decisions.

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