What is life like for black South Africans compared to white South Africans?

Slightly the same to some certain extent; it is just that the overwhelming majority of black South Africans are poor whereas only a tiny fraction of the white population is that poor.

Life for all South Africans has changed a lot in the 24 years since democracy. The conditions of black South Africans are much, much better than they were before 1994. But even still, they are nowhere near the level of wealth and opulence held by white South Africans and the few blacks who have managed to make it that far up. This is part of the reason why black nationalist groups and socialist organizations are gaining momentum at a rapid pace.

It is true that there are whites who can be regarded as poor but their struggle is pretty much on the same level of that of black South Africans, and that is largely due to the loss of privileged positions which the apartheid and colonial governments afforded them. It is a matter of simply failing to keep up rather than the favored reverse racism so popular in white right-wing rhetoric. Also, proportionally speaking, they are far fewer than black South Africans.

Honestly, I would say that black South Africans are doing very well and living quite nice, comfortable lives in their suburban homes.

Is eating Chinese food good for health?

Chinese food is not exactly harmful. However, it is not exactly compatible to our food habits. Normal Chinese food like noodles or fried rice uses highly acidic ingredients like soya sauce, vinegar and tomato sauce etc. This is true especially for the Chinese food served by Indian food retailer.According to Ayurveda, acidic food causes early aging,

What can we infer about the storyline of Captain Marvel from the Civil War - Ragnarok - Infinity War greater arc of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

I wouldn't try to infer much about Captain Marvel from the Thor and Cap storylines; it's likely that, much like Guardians of the Galaxy was a stand-alone storyline, and Ant-Man is planned as a stand-alone, that the Captain Marvel storyline will be separate, but influenced by these titles.  More interesting, perhaps, is the