What is likely to happen in the next Avengers film, since half the population and Avengers are dead, dust, gone for good?

What is likely to happen in the next Avengers film is that the surviving superheroes will find a way to restore everyone who was eliminated from existence in the last Avengers film, because in comic books and comic book movies, no one is ever gone for good.

One of the more popular fan theories about how this will happen is that Ant-Man‘s ability to go into the quantum realm and access time vortices will somehow be involved in reversing the effects of Thano' snap.

Sacrifice. They won't be able to bring back the dusted ones without a price to pay, and it better be a high one to make the stories meaningful. Avengers 4 is supposed to be the grande finale for the superheroes, specifically the original avengers who started this journey together six years ago (not so coincidentally, all of the original crew survived the snap.) It's the end to one storyline and the beginning of the next one - what's better choice than to let our beloved characters make some ultimate sacrifice for the next generation?

that being said, hell I hope they don't kill off Tony or Cap or Thor. *internally cries*

Why are are Indian and Asian cultures excel at math to become doctors and engineers?

I've run into my share of dumb Chinese and Indian engineering students and I have no doubt that there are a few dumb Chinese and Indian doctors out there.90% of success is showing up and guess who shows up at the City College School of Engineering of CUNY as students year after year? The other 90% of success

How to achieve the effect in candid photos by Tarun Chawla and others

There is no doubt that tarun has done great jobFirst thing you have to learn photoshop to know how to achieve that effect Second thing he use expensive camera I think 1 D series cam and he capture raw file which is

Is there a Marvel vs DC comic where Deadpool kills all of DC universe?

First of all, i call this a really useless question. Deadpool is not a god. Even the Punisher has defeated him. Movies have portrayed him to be some kind of a god, which he is not. Also the comics where Deadpool kills the Marvel universe. Thats not canon. Second, DC has much more