What is mindfulness meditation?

What, am I boring? Is it my tone of voice, or the story I am telling that is so apparently uninspiring?

This is what has run through my mind while in conversation with somebody. The tell-tale signs of ‘drifting off' and ‘mind wandering' appeared on the face of the person I was speaking to. They almost appeared in consecutive order:

  1. eyes glaze over
  2. eye contact diminishes to the point you become conscious of your chin, neck or forehead, which the person seems fixated on (like in the image below)
  3. more and more frequent intermissions of vague but seemingly interested phrases, like ‘oh awesome', or ‘how wonderful', or ‘hmmm yeah yeah hmmm yeah...'

This is NOT mindfulness.

What is the normal height for a 13 year old boy?

I would say it depends on genetics and what you eat and the kind of life style you live but I think that around 5'4-5'8 is okay but this isn't something to be worried about and it's okay. One of my friends when I was

How does doctors keep them calm in every situation?

Hi (From a doctor)First not all doctors are calm in all the situation. Having said that, doctors have a lot of struggle in their journey (to become a doctor, then specialist, then super specialist) and people tend to become humble when you have

What is the best home exercise for skinny people?

Anything that focuses on getting stronger instead of getting thinner. Here's an article that might help with a little direction: It's Not About Getting SkinnyAlso, you could check out this article that talks about goal setting (it's title implies it's for New Years resolutions, but it