What is more likely to happen and why: aliens attack earth, or zombie apocalypse?

Definitely the zombie apocalypse.

Though I once filmed a spectacular ZA in the Seattle suburb of Fremont, I think you may be surprised to discover that a real zombie apocalypse will play out.

First of all, we the living are the only zombies. We are half alive, and struggle to rise above the motions of death at work within us.

For us the apocalypse is not a destruction, a war, a calamity.

Apocalypse means revealing, and the thing that is about to be revealed is life. All of us zombies are only a few years away from utterly complete and stunning life.

Yes, some things must die. Our pride. Our racism. Our self-centeredness. Our short-term thinking. Our willingness to settle for "pragmatic" methods that hurt the planet or violate the sanctity of life.

But oh, the blessings that will emerge. Life, liberty and the achievement (not merely the pursuit) of happiness. Peace on earth. The restoration of all things. The end of death. And In-n-out Burger for whoever wants it! :-)

There is a much, much better chance that the picture I have have painted for you will arise in the next 25 years, than that either of your horror stories will happen.

There is no such thing as a zombie apocalypse. Once a human is dead there is no means of reanimating the corpse. All authors or zombie pieces (books, pays, movies, etc) get to dream up a way of creating zombies and how they can be killed, because zombies are NOT REALISTIC. Zombies simply don't exist.

We haven't met any aliens yet, but that doesn't mean much as we have explored less than one thousandth of one percent of the cosmos. Currently, if any aliens do show up they easily beat our technology because they can travel between star systems, and we cannot. The next closest star to us is some 30 trillion miles away, and at our current speed in space it will take us some 1000 years to travel that far - obviously we need a much better transportation than our current rockets.

Neither a zombie apocalypse nor an alien invasion seems very plausible.

I'm going to go with Zombie Apocalypse. No, it would not be a classic genre with walking dead flesh, but rather the style with people becoming infected with a virus that turns them into aggressive crazy monsters. Movies such as 28 Days later / 28 Weeks later have used this style. So it would technically be a zombie virus PANDEMIC. Whether it turned into an apocalypse of not depends on how bad the disease was. Using ebola as model, it shouldn't be much of a problem for first world countries.

If aliens show up.. and they are hostile, I believe we are doomed. The technology needed for long distance space flight dwarfs anything we could muster.

Well we have to determine what is more realistic.

To the common mind(not me) doesn't believe a zombie apocalypse is possible based on real science. A zombie virus is present but not in ways you can imagine. In fact a zombie virus that infects rats is present in human beings. But It only increases the chance of a person to go insane and won't cause a zombie apocalypse, yet. If this virus evolves then a zombie apocalypse is possible and might happen. but its not likely.

Now lets look on the alien side. what kind of invasion do you think about. Because we have possibly already been invaded by the rumored reptilian aliens. Note: I don't believe in them but still keep an eye out. The theory goes that a very long time ago they arrived on earth and cross-bread with some humans. And their off-spring are the world leaders. so in a sense we've been invaded already.

I'd go with the Zombie Apocalypse. I can already hear the cries of "What? Aliens are a statistical certainty and there's no such thing as Zombies!" However, roll with me on this.

Why would Aliens attack Earth? What do we have in abundant enough supplies that an alien civilization would travel the galactic (or potentially intergalactic) reaches of space to take it from us?

Water? - That stuff is everywhere

Air? - Oxygen is incredibly common in the universe, Nitrogen exists in far greater amounts elsewhere, and the other parts of our atmosphere are too small to really matter to an interstellar species.

Gotta be building material! - Nope, the planets alone only comprise 0.135% of the mass in the solar system, and earth itself is an even smaller fraction of that. Besides, the galaxy alone is chock full of systems and material where life is probably not, why go to war over it?

...Human slaves? - The automation we have achieved before becoming capable of interstellar travel is threatening the future job market. Any civilization bridging the stars likely has automated all means of manual labor.

Meanwhile, we already know of many things that cause zombie-like behavior in animals:

  1. Ophiocordyceps unilateralis - Wikipedia - This fungus infects various ants and forces them to climb up to the tops of leaves. From there, it grows and sprouts, killing its host, and releases spores to propagate itself further.
  2. Walking Dead: How Wasp Overlords Control Spider Zombies - There are many species of parasitic wasp found in the world, but while most merely sedate their prey before laying an egg on the paralyzed victim, this variety instead lays an egg on a live victim. This allows the larva of the wasp to alter and take advantage of certain behaviors in orbweaver spiders that cause them to destroy their current nests, and build a web suitable for the pupa stage to mature... after sucking the spider dry and discarding its corpse.
  3. We even know of a substance commonly referred to as Zombie Powder used by Haitian witch doctors to sedate a person into doing their bidding before coming back up with no memory of what they've done!

Why do I say Zombies are more likely? Well, the parasitic animals and fungi may not target mammals, but it's not impossible for a future mutation to change that, and the power shows there exists biological pathways in humans for the behavior to occur. Meanwhile, aliens just wouldn't be bothered enough to put in the effort for an invasion.

Allien attack. There is deffinitely life out there, but its unlikely they have built things like us. There are some species that have built machines and technology like us or better than us but not all of them. Evolution will also have a massive inpact. The aliens could be a virus or bacteria that infects us that and is extremely contagus. Is that changing your point of veiw of how the attack will be?

Its much more likely an alien race will fall on a meteorite and start building technology that kill us easily or starts infecting us.

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