What is one of the hardest lessons in life?

1 – Death - Everyone you know, and love will die.

2 – Money – Financial freedom is incredibly challenging to reach.

3 – Taxes – A good portion of your income is going to the government.

4 – Love – Most relationships fade. Most lovers split. It's hard to obtain and even more difficult to sustain.

5 – Opportunity – Isn't always given to who has earned it but is often given to those with status or connections.

6 – Body – We can workout hard for months and lose our gains in weeks. It's easier to lose our strength than it is to gain it.

7 – Ego – Is not always the enemy, but it can keep us from actualizing our potential.

8 – Passion – Pursuing our passion as a career is not always wise or realistic. It seems cultivating a passion is more effective in the long-run.

9 – We Can't Always Get What We Want – but if we try sometimes, we just might find, we get what we need.

10 – Sports – As much as we love the team, we have no control over their success and therefore, shouldn't be (overly) emotionally attached to the outcome of their games.

11 – Things – They don't make us happy or fulfilled. They just provide a short boost of dopamine after we buy them and then after using them a few times, they lose their lust.

12 – Relationships – They do make us happy and fulfilled. They provide long-term benefits when we invest in them and after a few years, they can get even better.

13 – You – The world would be just fine without both you and me.

14 – Fairness – Yeah, it doesn't really exist. Fair people are the best people. They just seem to be few and far between.

15 – Education – It doesn't end when you leave the classroom. Learning is a lifelong process that should be embraced until the day we die.

16 – Silence – Speaks loudly. Often, louder than words would.

17 – Sex – Is inherently an emotional experience. Casual sex is paradoxical. Beware.

18 – Drugs – Can be transformational temporarily but also have long-term effects that at times cannot be reversed.

19 – Alcohol – Can be a nice social lubricant but also leads to an absurd amount of deaths, divorces, and other undesirable outcomes.

20 – Legacy – As much as many of us would like to build a legacy, we will most likely be forgotten about with 100 years of our expiration date.

21 – Marriage – Marrying the most attractive guy/gal will be fun for the honeymoon. Marrying your best friend will be fun for life.

22 – Time – It's on our side. We have SO much of it. It's just a matter of using it for our advantage. Macro patience, micro focus.

23 – Habits – We can build them in 21 days and lose them in the matter of a minute.

24 – Budgeting – Learning financial literacy early on will save time, money and stress later in life.

25 – Judgement – It's best to avoid judging others as we don't know their stories or circumstances. Also, don't let their judgments alter your actions. Do you.

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