What is one random thing you know about India that most people don't?


Throughout history, several Indian inventions have changed the world forever. Some of the most notable inventions are The Zero, Buttons, Cotton cultivation, chess, shampoo, binary code, fiber optics, ayurvedic medicine, yoga, ruler, and radio/wireless communication.


India's population is growing faster than ever and it's estimated that more than half of the population is under the age of 25, which makes them one of the youngest populations in the world.


Did you know that Hindus consider cows to be holy and sacred? Killing a cow is considered to be a felony and can result in jail if it's not by accident. While many other countries eat cows regularly, this could lead to imprisonment here.

What are some examples of plants that grow from stems?

I guess you mean stem cutting.These are only some general suggestions. You can grow a number of indoor plants like:Pothos (money plant)Snake plantCactus and mostly all succulentsEnglish IvyOutdoor plants like:HibiscusbougenvileaSpruceJunipersYou will have to check if the plant can grow in your area. Spruce, Juniper can be grow only in cold places and Hibiscus like warmer temperatures.For more details check

Can doing crunches hurt the brain?

Your question is ambiguous.If you mean crunches like semi-sit-ups, then, no. (Unless you do them so fast that your skull smacks your knees and gives you a concussion, I guess.)If you mean crunches like noshing on Fritos, also no.If you mean crunches like smacking your car into things, then yes, indeed.If you mean crunches like

Do you feel betrayed by Doug Ford? Ford lead citizens to believe that lives would get better with him. Yet not only has healthcare been cut more than with any other government as well as education but the promise of lower gas prices is another sham.

I was smart enough not to vote for Ford, so there is no chance of me feeling betrayed. However, I know people who did vote for him who feel very much embarrassed to say so now.Education is one of the golden rules for managing debt. It