What should I start doing if I want to become a better person?

Smile. It's contagious. I've many times walked into a room of gloomy faces who upon seeing my smiling face responded with a gleeful happiness that makes me feel like I made a difference. Even if it's a short spout of joy, I feel good about who I am. It took a lot of practice and many times it's daunting but I do it. I do it because people need that. I need that. When I am met with a smiling face, I find it hard not to smile back and enjoy that little gesture of kindness.

Be kind. Again, not something that is always easy to do and I can't say I do it always with ease. But I try to keep in mind others have it much worse than me. I am blessed and with those blessings I have a moral obligation to try to be kind at all times. Many people have been kind to me so I try to show appreciation by sharing kindness with others.

Gratitude is important. Simply being thankful for another day is something many take for granted. I often remind myself that many people didn't wake up today. I did and for that I am thankful.

Say nice things behind people's backs and to their face. Compliment at least one person a day. I started thanking people for just being them.

Be sincere in everything you do.

Be compassionate and understanding. We all have struggles, we all have bad days. Don't go out of your way to be part of someone else's struggles or bad day.

Enjoy the little things. I smell roses at the grocery store, candles too. When I saw my stepdaughter and husband also enjoying the smell of candles, I found great joy in it. Do things that you can find happiness in and share it with others.

I think that's a good list. I'm not perfect but I strive to be a good person everyday. I'm not always successful but there's a success in putting the effort into being a better person. I hope it helps :)

I wish more people asked this question... Rather than - How do i make more money? Or ... How do I become famous?

Here is my short answer to becoming a Good Person. But I would like to also state - We are all intrinsically good, but we need the world to see our goodness. So here are three tips that will get your goodness to show:

  1. Find your TRUE VALUE. I define True Value as a skill, a talent, a power or a capability that you have... and other people need, But the important thing is that they should also be willing to pay you for it. This value will get you noticed.
  2. ADD VALUE to the people around you. We should add value to the people around us so that we too are in a better sphere of influence. The more we benefit others - the more we grow ourselves.
  3. GENUINE RELATIONSHIPS are the key to teams, companies and even families and society. Relationships are not just a network we can thrive in, but they are also a safety net which will support us if we fall. So you too should be willing to reach out and help.others in need. You could start at home.

Once you become a good person... becoming great is only a matter of time.

All the best as you become the best person you wish to.be.

There is an exercise that you could do every night before going to bed. I've been doing it for a while, and I'm not sure if it made me a better person but it certainly made me more aware of myself and my actions which is the first step of making oneself better.

  • Lie on the bed and calm your mind removing any kind of disturbance that might distract you.
  • Now collect all the incidents happened to you or around you throughout the day.
  • Play them like a movie and do not look at yourself as a protogonist or an antagonist but as someone who is just like any other character.
  • Believe me, sometimes you'll be surprised as to how stupid or brilliant this character could be. You'll have a tendency to love, hate, pity this character. Do not get lost in that.
  • Critically review the actions of this character.

What you do with the information that you get out of this review is the one that decides if you'd become a better person.

Realisation of true self

Spiritual Guidance

Mindfulness techniques,

Developing virtues like patience ,tolerance , peace,selflessness

Detachment from the materialistic world

Conquering the 5 thieves and learning the 5 virtues http://sikhguru.org.uk/sikhsim/s...

Developing compassion for all living things

Conquer fear , control anger, let go of the hatred

Find a meaning and purpose in life

Learn to trust and believe in yourself

Be helpful and exhibit altruistic behaviour

Keep your emotions at bay and let them flow but do not cling to anyone.

Seek the middle path inspite of happiness.pleasure

Live your life , and don't spent it

Appreciate the smallest of events

Become a ray of hope

Never Judge/Compare/Evaluate anybody or anything

Learn to let go of things for they are only to cause misery and pain

Conquer the mind and you'll conquer the world

Realise and accept your strengths and weaknesses

Never distort the things by comparing as it will create bias. e.g. good/bad.

Learn to observe the truth without emotional judgements

Never aim for perfection, rather choose a moderate path

Fill your heart with love and blossom

Never seek materialistic pleasures, for it brings only suffering and pain

Don't mourn the dead, rather understand they have transcended to higher realm

Looking for answers, look inside , if still doubtful observe the wast universe outside

Respect time, for it is a determinant of fate

Respect/Love/Trust /Believe in yourself and others

Live your dream in becoming who ever you wanna become

Be optimistic

Take responsibility for your life and actions

Make your life filled with quality rather than quantity

Among millions of living being,it is a divine desire to become a better person.Such a feeling itself is rewarding. It is appreciable that you are moving through the right path.

When one person become better,it is not only beneficial to him but also an asset to the society. You should not be rich,popular or powerful, but are you a better person who is beneficial to the society ? if the answer is yes, you are blessed. It is a question towards yourself. better person always take impartial decisions and immune to corruption.he consider other persons as himself.

Try to help others is one simple thing to be a better person. Help does not mean your sacrifice.But your possible action which helps to reduce other person's hardships.Every day try to help one person in one or the other way. it can be

  • provide a lift to one person in your vehicle.
  • Your advice to change ones wrong practice.
  • Offer a seat to an old person in a crowded waiting area.
  • Career guidance to a needy person.
  • Provide verbal and mental support to a grief stricken person.
  • Support a public movement against bad practices.

There are umpteen number of simple ways, which help others in reducing their problems. By inculcating such practices in your life you can become a more and more better person.

"Lift up" another human being every single day. The best way to do this is quick and painless: pay a person a compliment. You have no idea how truly powerful a genuine compliment can be, especially when someone is feeling down or it takes them by surprise. This means you have to have the ability to talk to a stranger, but you can develop that quite easily - practice makes perfect.

It's a little easier for me because I'm a woman and we zero in on each other's fashion statements. When I see a lady wearing a hat, it's easy for me to tell her she's wearing it well, it looks fantastic, etc, said with a huge smile. With men, most of them wear amazing ties or have tattoos that look absolutely killer.

Doing this makes me a better person because it helps me focus on other people in a way that gives them a moment of happiness, or a little ego boost. We should all recognize and cherish our differences; when we see and acknowledge them in each other, we are better both individually and collectively as a society.

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