What is one thing that you like from each: Google, Apple, and Microsoft?

Google: Google Drive. It is my favourite Google service and blows OneDrive, Dropbox and iCloud out of the water.

  • 15 GB of free storage on sign up. I myself have 19 GB for completing security checkups in 2015 and 2016. This much space is well enough for me. I have used 9 out of my 19 GB since I signed up for Google.
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Photos are free. Also, files that can be converted to native formats are converted on upload.
    • .docx (Microsoft Word) → Google Docs
    • .xlsx (Microsoft Excel) → Google Sheets
    • .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint) → Google Slides
  • Files in the trash are never deleted. This is a personal preference, but I don't permanently delete files because there is no need to free up space.
  • Good user interface that is just as good as a Windows desktop. Selecting files is very easy with CTRL-clicking and dragging. There is also a side pane to see a preview of the file.
  • Easy sharing. I like that I have many options for sharing my files, especially disabling copying content from the document (I know it is still possible through the F12 menu).
  • Editing files in browser. Microsoft Word is no doubt better than Google Docs feature-wise, however Google Docs does offer a rich editor that fulfills all of my needs. I can easily edit any file without having to download and re-upload it.
  • Finally, version history. It is amazing how Google can save even the smallest details. Google is literally saving a copy of the document every minute, even if you don't need to review old copies.

Apple: MacBook Air. I'd say it's a mediocre laptop, but it does have some neat features.

  • It is a well-built laptop with a lot of detail.
  • The keys on the keyboard only need to be touched ever so lightly to register a keystroke. This is good for fast typing. Although I do value features in PC keyboards like the Insert, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Delete and Print Screen keys and use them regularly while programming, the MacBook Air's keyboard is still useful for non-programming tasks.
  • The screen is the brightest there is (I've heard). It is actually brighter than the Surface Book's screen.

Microsoft: Windows. Yes, Microsoft has also created the Surface Book, Microsoft Office and Visual Studio (which are excellent products), however, Windows is the product that everything they build is centered on. This is what I like about it:

  • Crisp theme: Unlike macOS' dock, the Windows taskbar fills the whole screen ensuring that there are no gaps. There are also no rounded corners on Windows.
  • Windows is designed for gaming. You can play more games on Windows than other operating systems because of DirectX technology.
  • Snapping windows. You can have up to four windows on screen which is great for multitasking.

This is surprisingly difficult to answer. All three companies are money-oriented "evil empires" who don't tend to do anything in the interest of regular people like me.


Maps/Earth. They're way better than anyone else at this stuff. Street view? The whole 3D effect thing? 3D trees?


This is the hardest one of the three. Every time I think of something I like, I realise what I hate about it too.

I liked the click wheel interface on the earlier iPods. I liked the iPod Nano in particular. It felt good to use, and was the ideal size at the time. I can't really say I like Apple for it in particular, because they (as usual) didn't design it themselves, so I'd feel like that would be a cheating answer.

I like their aluminium keyboards, but I hate the way they don't understand the UK format, and lay it out like a cross between a PC US and UK version. They crush up the space between the arrow keys on the smaller ones and they put symbols on the keys you can't even find on Google. They have a stupid enter key shape. The bluetooth ones have connection problems and race through batteries. Really, they're terrible UX. But I like the way they feel, and I own two full-size ones.

Google ChromeCast: I have been using this this 2+ hours everyday for the past year. That definitely makes it my most used Google product (not counting Android). There is nothing else available for the same price that works as seamlessly as this. It lets me cast almost anything to my TV and has totally changed the way I consume media.

Apple Packaging: It's silly, but I just love the attention to detail Apple puts into product packing. It feels like Apple considers the unboxing experience of their products just as important as the core product experience. Before Apple set a high bar, electronics from other companies usually shipped suspended by thermocol in a cardboard box with tons of stickers on it.

Microsoft Visual Studio: Once you know the ins and outs of it and familiarize yourself with the keyboard shortcuts, you can never go back. Given how old it is and how many iterations it has been through, it is jam-packed with nifty features. Add Re-sharper to the mix, and you have just the perfect IDE. It has tons of extensions that work with {insert random framework / service here}.

I will go one by one and yes it will be one single - product/feature that I would be mentioning here. There are many close ones and really I am finding it very difficult to choose a single one. So here it goes -

Google: It has to be their user-friendly products and features, which I find top-notch. Also, the affordability of these for the general public, makes me think that they do give it a thought about us, the end users, to ensure that nobody is deprived of their great products.


Establish a new Google University where there are no grades to be scored. No pressure of studies. Just building skill sets and chasing excellence.

Finally this will lead other to follow Google's lead and nurture the purest talent in all fields.


The best search engine ever. No other search engine can even imagine to compete with this. Gmail, simply the best of all other mails. Google Maps - Imagine a world without google maps. The way of Google innovates and the rate at which they innovate is absolutely insane.

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