What is one thing you should never do while cooking?

Taking pictures of how you cook and continuously updating/flooding feeds on social media about it. Like we know now that you are cooking just quit reporting about it

Never get distracted. Never forget to wash your hands after handling raw meat or to wash the knives, chopping boards etc it has touched. If you're baking, don't try to "wing it", unlike regular cooking, baking is based on science and needs exact measurements to get the chemical reaction required to create a risen cake or a perfect pastry.

Rub your eyes while chopping chillies.

Or go to the toilet when chopping chillies without washing your hands thoroughly first (and of course afterwards)

Not good.

While you are cooking you should give your first priority to cooking only otherwise it can be quite dangerous also. Here are some of the tips which may help you while cooking.

You should avoid taking long phone calls.

Do not watch TV while cooking.

Avoid using headphone while listening music as you can also enjoy it without your head phone

There are many more things which you should also avoid, It is important to be cautious while cooking.

Pour cold water onto a hot glass lid.

I have no scars from that explosive scenario, but I wouldn't recommend trying this at home.

Or anywhere.

That was not smart.

While in the kitchen there are many things you should not do, but the most important thing to never do is to be afraid of branching out and trying new things.

Although there is something to be said for playing it safe and using simple recipes that you know are fan favorites, it is good to experiment with new foods, spices, wines, and other flavors in the kitchen.

Some techniques I use to ensure I never stop changing things up in the kitchen are pairing different wines with my meals. The wine pairing can really change the whole experience of a meal.

I also enjoy adding fresh vegetables and herbs from my garden to my meals to add fresh new flavors to different recipes.

Always remember to never be afraid to experiment while cooking!

While cooking you should never feel distracted.

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