What is one thing you wish you never heard in your life?

A dying man's scream.

I was in class 7 or 8 (I don't exactly remember) and I was around 11–12 years old. After the school got over, my friend and I were walking towards his home. Suddenly, we saw a screaming old man running on the road, followed by a few sword-wielding men much younger than him.

About 50 yards or so from us, those men caught up with the old man and attacked him with their swords. The screams of the dying man still ring loud and clear in my ears. It was later that we figured that he was murdered because of a property feud.

This is the one thing I wish I had never heard in my life!

"You are such a emotionless/bad person ,trust me no one will like you*"

"you are worthless and stupid"

2 years ago i did bad things to 2 people i hated the most ,i had the need to do that because of what they did and the things i was going through ,back then i had no self control ,i was just a crazy,passive-aggresive person

thr funny thing is that back then i knew i was like that and was trying to change that but i would fail everytime,then luckly i left that country and went to a new one and thought to myself "its a new beggining,im going to be a better person"but here i am alone ,i always think of what peope told about me that time and cry ,i sometimes wish i never did those things and never hear these things from them

"I would kill my self if I were you"

~ My mom

Trump's Inaugural Speech.

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I have been to Tbilisi once. It's just an amazing country. The most precious thing in Georgia (country) is their people. I mean they are very open, generous and hospitable. Also the cuisine is one of the best in the world, hands down. Nature,

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When I first moved to Canada in 2000 in my early 20s, I didn't really see that much of a difference between the two countries and suffered very little in terms of culture shock. But it was when I would go back to visit family in the US where I started