What is one thing you wish your mother had never told you?

I was moving to another small town in North Carolina. My first-grade teacher had given my parents a sealed envelope to give to my second-grade teacher. My mom opened it and read the message out loud to me. I remember being appalled that she opened someone else's letter but it got worse.

My teacher, whom I adored, said that I was a bright child but that I talked way too much and distracted the other children with my constant questions and fidgeting. I don't even remember her telling me to be quiet in school so at first, I was shocked. Then I felt heart-broken and embarrassed. How could my mom read that to me? That hurt too.

Because I learned to read very early, this same teacher would let me take the rest of the kids outside and they would read to me from the Dick & Jane books. See Spot. See Puff. Run, Spot, Run. Run. Run. Run.

How I wanted to run away from what I was feeling.

Mrs. N. must have looked forward to reading class every day when her little "substitute teacher who talked too much" took all the first- and second-graders outside.


My mom is very old fashion and she doesn't believe in divorce.

So when I told her my husband and I separating she said " I will erase my name off your birth certificate if you leave him"

Hahaha I laughed and cringed like what the hell?!? Who says that?!? But I get it she was upset and she used some tactics to try and save my marriage.

It didn't work! I am separated and she is still my mom! Birth certificate and all ;-)

How difficult life can become as you age. I rarely remember my parents complaining about work(both were school teachers) or how expensive home ownership can be. As I remember I was never taught how to budget.All I heard was we can't afford that but I never really understood why.

How does one fall in love while traveling?

The bigger question (which has nothing to do with travel) is if you choose to fall in love or not. Some people would say you can decide to fall in love. Others say you cannot decide such a thing.It doesn't much

What if the Titanic had left the day after it did? Would it have dodged the iceberg?

It would certainly have dodged ‘the' iceberg, because that was drifting south at about 8 nautical miles per day and Titanic was following an established shipping route which, had it been travelling through the same area 24 hours later, would have taken it well to the north of ‘its' berg.However the