What is quality of life?

Everyone's quality of life is different. Quality of life is the image of you when you're in your death bed reflecting on you're life. Imagine what you did in your life that you wish you did less of and what you did that gave you fullfillment and joy. What you reflect on in which brought you fullfillment and happiness is your best quality of life. For me, I imagined what I'd regret, and I'd regret working 12+ hours day in and day out missing out on my family and kids. Missing their soccer games or ceremonies at school. Quality of life for me, is time well Spent. Traveling, family, and nature. When you realize what's important to you by imagining what your thoughts would be if you were about to die, it'll help you decipher what things you should start attributing to more in life. :)

The question is not clear but from what i make out of it. You are asking how do you measure a mans life.Depends on what matters the most for u. If money is what matters being rich is the quality life. If knowledge... then being a well known guy in the field working in a prosperous institution...power, fame and the list goes on. Since people are different and unique a standard quality can't be set.

Quality of life indicates the aspects of your life that make it worth living: moral, physical/health, spiritual, financial, mental/emotional, etc.

To be able to think/imagine life in a right way and to be able to live that imagination everyday.

And sharing this positive energy of yours with your surroundings -> so they get encouraged -> Hence you created a better place to live :)

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