What is rational thinking?

We need to make a distinction between thinking logically and thinking rationally. You think logically, you follow wherever the logical constructions (if this and if that then the other) take you, but to think rationally requires something more human.  Rational actually means a measuring one thing with another. By its nature it is balanced and just. Rationality is what brings you to a sensible answer after logic has been applied. It is rational to share resources even where it may be logical to distribute resources unequally.  This is why scientists do not rule the world, yet. Rationality is what we use to make decisions where there may not be any scientific evidence to back one option or another. Rational thinking is also what we have to oppose conclusions drawn logically from false premises, like those of religion say, or from false logic itself. Irrationality occurs where we try to use logic, false or not, to support decisions that it has not sufficient strength to validate. The climate warming debate is a very good arena in which to observe the clash of insufficient logic weight with rationality. Creationism is another. Don't be logical, be rational.

Does running faster burn more calories?

I'm going to assume that a fast running is some form of high intensity cardio workout. Hence, you can look at this article, which gives you a very much quantitative answer to your question: The Fat Burning Zone Myth: Don't

What are the coolest features of hardware/software that most people don't know about?

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Can pushed in hemorrhoids prolapse again?

Yes, pushed in hemorrhoids can prolapse again.Here is what you should know.Internal hemorrhoids are the ones that prolapseGenerally, hemorrhoids are classified into two. Internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. As their names suggest, the main difference between the two is their location.Internal hemorrhoids form in the rectum. External hemorrhoids on the other hand form on the anus.Internal hemorrhoids