What is some good advice for moving out at 18?

I was about to move out at 18 but had some situations that prevented me. But when I was planning to, I did some research and learned a few things.

Have a well paying stable job

Unless you have another way to attain money, having a job is essential. Not just a job but a stable job. Having an on and off job or quitting jobs every time will only lead to being kicked out due to not affording to pay rent. You may perhaps be able to pay rent but might not have enough money for food or other expenses. You must also ensure that what you earn is more than enough to cover your expenses, bills, emergency money etc. Most people think having just enough money is just fine to move out but it really isn't. Having just enough is tricky because there are always unexpected events that occur which make you spend more money than anticipated.

Have a well defined budget and actually stick to it.

Budgeting your money is a key factor that will help you survive the world. Make sure you have a planned budget that includes rent, bills, food, transport, neccesities, emergency money and savings. Again, make sure that you earn more than enough to pay for your expenses. You might also need to put some money aside for leisure. We all need to treat ourselves once in a while so always have that in mind. You might have a good budget but sticking to it is the tricky part. It's best to train yourself to do this. You can start now by making a budget and trying your best to stick to it.

Make sure you have saved enough money

When moving out, make sure you have enough money saved. Remember, you might not be able to bring everything that you own and you need to buy essentials. You may also need to buy furniture. It is also safe to have at least two months of rent money within that. When moving out, the first two months are usually crazy and you may have unexpected bills and expenses flying your way so you need to he ready for that.

Go for only what you can afford.

Don't expect to be able to afgord a place that is as glamorous as your parents' or even better. Always make sure that you look for a place that you can actually afford without having to strip yourself of half your income. Be ready to live in a down low area as long as it has essential things. Most of the time its usually just a bedroom, bathroom, toilet, kitchen and living room. All other things that you desire you will have later on in life when you have more money. The same goes for furniture shopping and other essentials. You need to huy only what you can afford or even cheaper. Don't spend a lot of money on a bed or couch. In tine, you will eventually regret your decision and wished you had saved that money for more important things.

Put effort in finding a place

Don't only go to one website and be content with the result. Make sure you go to various websites and see what they have one. Remember, pictures can be deceiving so make sure you inspect the place. Also, don't tell the person guiding you that that is your only option. Even if it is, make sure you inform them thay you have other places in mind. Make sure to check out places that you have not been shown. The guides usually only show you the good parts, make sure you see all rooms, the garage and even the backyard. Check the fence too and other unexpected areas. Also, make sure you pass by the place during nighttime before getting it. A place may look amazing during the day but may actually be hell at night. Make sure that as soon as you move in, you take pictures of every area on the first day. This helps when you are moving out incase they withhold your bond money for things you haven't even damaged.

Find someone to move in with or a room rent

This isn't actually essential but it helps to find someone to move in with. Places for two are usually cheaper than those for one. It is also cheaper to pay for rent and bills if you are splitting with someone. In some areas, you can find a room to rent instead of a whole apartment. This is also cheaper but it varies from place to place.

These are all I can come up with right now, if there are more I will edit and add up. Good luck and I hope all goes well.

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