What is something that almost nobody knows about the Marvel character Watcher?

The Watcher's initial intentions was to find a reality where his people did not make their grave error (sharing the wealth of their peoples knowledge to other races in the universe that they viewed as less fortunate), however, to date, the Watcher has yet to find such a reality. (And he's dead now, he won't find it anyway.)

Is mathematics part of science?

Maths is a part of every thing. It's a part of science even. Maths embedded in science emphasize our understanding by quantification.If u take force though type of force is science, the amount of force is quantified using maths. This will give solid idea if the force. Similarly every where maths is used to quantity.Hope u understand.

Does Microsoft own Google?

No. And other answers above / below explain as well or better than I can the truth of that 'No.'However, I'm really interested by the context of this question. Where did it come from, and what made you think (if you did) that MS might own Google in some way?Perceptions