What is something you absolutely despise about your country?

I sincerely despise 2 things about Russia.

  1. Doctors, teachers and elderly practically left to starve.

    It is weird to all my foreign friends, but doctors and teachers in Russia get very low salaries, despite the fact that those two are practically the most important jobs. No one wants to be a teacher in Russia, and doctors are becoming less and less enthusiastic if they don't work in private clinics. My mom is a doctor, and I remember how hard life was when I was a kid, and she was working in state-owned hospital.

    Elderly have it even tougher - if you are old, and have no family to support you, all you can afford is paying utilities for your apartment, the cheapest meds and very plain food, like milk, bread and porridge. If I see an old woman begging in the street or a granny selling some knitted stuff that she made, I will always give them money, and not too little.
    I have my beloved granny, and I can't imagine how long she could live if not with us.
    This disgusts me.
  2. Russian girls' low self-esteem

    Everyone thinks that Russian women are so beautiful and vain, but that is indeed not true, those are exceptions. Yes, Russian girls are pretty and they spend hours and hundreds of dollars to maintain that, but they are indeed not vain - it is just a mask covering insecurity and low self-esteem.

    Russian society is very judgmental and tough to fit in, therefore, women go to great lengths to do so, for example, at the age of 23–25 you are supposed to be married to a guy who is older, wiser and has an apartment and a car. If you are not, it is "strange" - something is probably wrong with you. And to get a husband you need to always look sharp (even if you throw away your garbage), be fit, dress to impress etc. etc.

    I am 28 and single - when I go back to Russia, a lot of my acquaintances bug me why I am not engaged yet, like it is the most important thing in the world. Pressure is actually very high, so terrified to be looked down at, Russian women under 30 settle for whomever they are dating, even if the guy is a hack.
    My close friend have already wasted 5 years on a guy, who was married when they met, then had a messy divorce (and she lost half of her weight that time, because his family was threatening her life and well-being all the time), made her move to the city with -50 in winter and then come back and pay most of their rent, because he lost his job. She is beautiful, smart, funny and a great professional - she deserves a lot better, but she stays with him because of the fear of being alone. This fear made our great women lose dignity and shortened their horizons. There is nothing wrong in being alone, to me there are far worse things, like for years waking up next to a person who is ruining your life day by day.

    However, due to social pressure, my fellow Russian ladies waste their lives on assholes instead of exploring the world or developing brilliant careers.
    I truly despise that.

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