What is something you believed was true, but no longer believe is true?

True generosity.

I often see that when someone is being kind and or generous... they often have ulterior motives. Some of these motives include:

-Seeking approval.

-Filling their ego with the belief that they're "kind"

-They're so lonely and believe that being kind to others will make the other person return the kindness but that is often not the case.

In rare cases... the individual will show generosity to make other people's day seem more optimistic. Sometimes the person with these sorts of motives have been through a lot of rejection, emotional agony, and they want to make sure that the people they care about won't have to go through what they went through in the past.

When someone is being kind to you... always keep in mind that someone can have sinister motives behind that innocent beautiful smile they carry.

How effective is heavy weight lifting at burning fat?

A great exercise program for weight loss will include strength training as well as cardio vascular exercise. Strength training can help you lose weight for many reasons:1) Muscles at rest require calories, while fat cells at rest do not, so the greater your lean body

Do you think buying work out clothes would motivate you to work out?

Never you can exercise with bricks and wood and iron pipes. ...and some shorts ...maybe cut from long pants wear a loose t shirt. Never focus on enrolling gym or buying expensive sportsgear. We can run barefoot on the road. Remember we dont need any special side effects if we really have the interest. All the best

How to lose 10 pounds in a week

You can't lose that much fat in one week. You might be able to do so if you are extremely overweight or if you lose a lot of water as well but if you are anywhere near a normal weight it is impossible to lose that much weight