What is spiritual healing?

When we take birth what we have to undergo in this birth is pre-destined. Only 2 people can change it.1.Your deity or god.but this is rarely done if at all on a small scale 2..by your guru (he can take up the suffering and experience it himself/herself.This is done only to disciples who are obedient,an asset to the organisation,very humane in nature and considerate to the whole world.some examples I give here.

1.A devotee of Lord Krishna was in extreme stomach pain.Krishna daily comes to him directly and helps him in pooja etc.But didn't give a listening ear to his complaint.One day he met a Sidha( a holy person with supernatural powers)who gave some holy ash which he consumed and his pain was gone.Next time he met ,he told Krishna about this.Krishna replied "I wanted you to finish your previous

karma in this birth itself.Now take one more birth.)

2...My guru(former) had severe stomach pain and complained to Vivekananda,but he said You can yourself cure it as you have the powers/energy level to do it.I was also,due to my affection to the guru angry about Vivekananda's action but he said and did was right.You have to burn of your past karma with sufferings(mental/physical or any other way like finance etc.)

3.When my mother was on her death bed after a stroke,she was helpless and suffered.My younger brother after a couple of months (she was staying with him and his wife.)prayed to god that he wanted to take up her karma which is preventing her from leaving her body.Soon she died peacefully.He became rich due to her blessings.He suffers from severe pain in both knee joints and can hardly walk ,has to use his car/or bike to go anywhere.A highly spiritually evolved soul(compared to ordinary people)he now knows the cause of his suffering.

How did Mark Zuckerberg manage to own 25% of Facebook?

General answer, not pertaining to Zuckerberg specifically.Usually when startups grow, they need more money to increase the rate of growth, and get it by selling some percent of the company to investors.An example for a very good growth startup fund

Do animals find humans to be attractive?

Depends on what animals, and what you mean by attractive.You could argue that higher functioning pets, like dogs, find humans attractive, though not in a sexual sense. They clearly desire companionship and contact with humans.Sexually speaking, there is a famous account of a female

Can a wife get 50% of her husband's salary with living together?

I am not a future teller, but with this kind of question your marriage either won't last or it will be miserable.In my own marriage, we both worked, and everything went to a joint account. We did not work with halves. Everything was Our's. Some families handle money differently, and