What is that one incident in your life that you regretted doing?

So this was this one fine day, I was walking to catch the bus on the other side of the road to heed to school (I was a school girl back in 2013). All of a sudden a speeding motorcycle comes out of the blue and hits me in my legs.(Mind you there was a spreadbreaker in between). Then, the infuriated bus conductor comes out of the schoolbus and starts shouting at the person in the bike. Though he(the biker) apologized eventually but initially blamed me because thought like I was running in a hurry( credit goes for thoughtless thought) with his wife on the backseat defending him continuously.And to add icing to the cake, I even accepted my mistake (note: there was no mistake; not even by mistake) and apologized for the same because I didn't wanted to make a tamasha in the road(creating a scene is equivalent to tamasha). And more importantly, I didn't want to get late for school as none was allowed in the morning assemblies after 7:30am and if anyone got there by mistake our sports teacher used to scare the wits out of that person by giving the most worrisome punishment. Later on, I just looked onto my white skirt only to find ash coloured tyre marks, and my head went down in a deep sense of guilt and resentment exclaiming "Oh! God what have I done?" with a deep breath.

Has anything ever made you regret getting a dog?

This made me giggle & Thank U because initially this is a good memory tho it actually was a roller-coaster ride of emotions powerlessness & fear...so in my 31yrs with Steve we only had dogs...1st Rocky was a true APT 2yrs old terribly mistreated & 45 kilos of

Republic of Ireland: Were the Corn Laws of 1815 a factor which contributed to the Irish potato famine?

The Corn Laws banned import of foreign corn with the aim of supporting agriculture. The problem in Ireland was not around producing enough food - even in the Famine years food was exported.In Ireland most who farmed were tenants (many

Should I buy a gun if I visit the USA?

Most people would say you can not but that is not true. You can buy a gun or more accurately you can pay for it, you just can not take possession of it in USA.You would need to buy it from FFL dealer, or have the seller to send it to FFL dealer and have them arrange export