What is the actual purpose of marriage and love?

You can't understand the supreme lord (or God in simple language) if you don't experience love. After knowing who is the supreme lord, if you want to mingle with Him (the supreme lord) you have to follow the rituals in a family with your wife. That is, you can't do the rituals without your wife. Therefore, marriage is essential which also imparts love and the love continues forever. This is the primary and ultimate reason for the existence of love and marriage. This explanation is purely based on Vedas and not my personal opinion.

In the entire discussion, nothing is said about wealth, property or education. This means people with any wealth or any property or any education can get married and love to achieve the objective as said in previous para.

Can you reverse diabetes with daily exercise?

Type II diabetes you can control with diet and exercise. Pretty sure once you are a diabetic, you always will be a diabetic. I think controlling by diet and exercise is much more favourable then relying on the meds to do it for

If a woman spends her entire lifetime with her husband and then finds out that he was already married and had cheated on her, what could be her reaction?

Woahhhh! That's a lot to take it.But honestly, she must realize that the deed has been done and should rather plan her next plan of action; what to do with her life.See, I'm not the revenge types but maybe if that suits

Does a sedentary lifestyle lead to a skinny built?

No. Other things to do with your genetic make-up and your nutrition decide that.In fact, if you are sedentary, you are likely to burn fewer calories, so you are more likely to gain weight, if your genetic make-up and nutrition dispose you to putting on weight.I have known people who were very active mentally, and