What is the anime you never get tired of watching all over again?

Golden Boy is a good one.

Cowboy Bepop.


Neo Tokyo

Not many others. I used to watch Trigun often. Desert Punk would be fun to watch again.

But as I have already discussed, I am brushing a 10,000+ hours of anime watched. I really don't want to rehash too many things I have seen already, not when there is so much other good stuff to watch.

When I first started watching anime it was hard to find. This was in like ‘91. I had to wait for it to come on MTV's Liquid Television or find a movie channel showing a rare animated movie. I was about 11 and I didn't get much of a choice about movies to watch above PG-13. Many anime that were slowly being imported then were movies about sex and blood and violence, which was a no go in my house.

So, as much as I liked watching Ninja Scroll and Vampire Hunter D 25 times, I quickly grew out of watching shows over and over. With thousands of shows to choose from and without a close group of anime friends to push me to watch stuff over and over, I just keep on moving forward, watching new things and expanding my concepts of what Anime an be.

How would Articals of Impeachment on a U.S President be perceived around the world?

Largely depends on who the president that is getting impeached is and what their views of that president was.For President Trump, you'd see the US's typical allies of Britain, France, Germany, Taiwan, etc. be cheering and holding parades celebrating Trump's impeachment. After all, it was Trump who singlehandedly pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement and the Iran

Is Excel the best business spreadsheet software?

Excel has a lot of potential because it is widely in use. Although they are actively working on it, Microsoft has been slow to adopt the cloud with it's office products and this is where Google spreadsheets outshines it -for now. Google spreadsheets is completely ONLINE and

Could you survive without Internet?

There are two meanings I can think of from your question. If I'm the only one who has to live without internet then the answer is no. There are some situations I've been through lately. As a university student from the middle east I recently figured out that my