What is the best To-Do List and Task Management application that also has Project Management features?

I'm very guilty of Productivity Porn.  I've tried nearly a dozen different websites / apps to keep track of my projects and tasks.  Each time, I feel like I've accomplished something because I spend hours recording everything I need to do.  I felt like David Allen would be proud! (Although I knew  Merlin Mann would not be) However, I could never just stick with one.

My favorites were Remember The Milk, Wunderlist, Trello (product), and WorkFlowy.  Each had many awesome features, but none of them seemed perfect to me.  After a short time, I'd abandon one in lieu of another and felt like I repeated the cycle endlessly.  I tried others and spent much time simply updating an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  I've often been frustrated with the lack of a "perfect" application (for me, of course - I know this is a personal decision).

HOWEVER, just the other day, I came across what I've always been looking for.  Not sure how I missed it this whole time because it's wildly popular among successful companies (Twitter (product), Foursquare, LinkedIn (product), Airbnb (product), etc) and has $10s of millions in angel investor money.  I'm completely hooked and feel like I've found my answer:


Features I like:
  • It's simple, yet it has just enough complexity to be thorough
  • Keyboard shortcuts are a breeze
  • Projects are kept on the left nav where you can mark some as favorites and order them as you wish
  • Each project can have a description and unlimited tasks (which can have subtasks)
  • Tasks can have attachments, be prioritized, assigned to a user, set as Today/Upcoming/Later, specific due dates, tags, and comments
  • There's a real slick search capability to find projects / task as well as run simple "reports" (what have I completed in the past x days, what is due in the upcoming y days, etc)
  • The font and the interface is beautiful.  I've only been using it for a few days and I obviously can't say enough good things about it
  • The iOS app is very good

Update: along with many new, fantastic updates to Asana since I wrote this, IMHO one of the most impressive updates is the new Guide: Asana · Welcome to the Asana Guide.
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