What is the best advice to give about life itself?

Life is impartial. The rich and the poor, all the the Race Colors, all sexual orientations - everybody experiences disappointment, joy, defeat, elation, health, despair and euphoria to some extent or other. Your life is YOURS. It is a journey which you share with others while captaining your own boat. The mistake is to forget you ARE the captain of your own life and then be living for the pleasure and purposes of others while denying some vital aspect of yourself.

We grow up being conditioned by others, (family, culture) yet we can later challenge and even drop that conditioning. Or not. Our choices shape our beliefs - which is what we then draw to ourselves (subconsciously) for future life experiences. Believe you are worthless and you will only draw that which reinforces the belief. Believe you are a force of nature with a worthy cause - and draw a different life experience. In either case the life experience comes from your beliefs..

Here's the thing, creativity and originality come from the conscious mind - beliefs are in the sub-conscious. You have to listen very hard, and be extra vigilant in order to become aware of your internal (automatic) programming, then you have to be very ‘present' to challenge what comes up - if you wish to change it. This is why old "habits" die hard and new ones take weeks to establish.

Can someone drastically and suddenly lose weight naturally ?

Hi,This generally doesn't happen.In most cases it is due to some metabolic problem. Diabetics loose weight. Or people with infection or some chronic disease.It would be best to see a general physician and get a full body check done.Once you know why it is so then proper steps can be taken.God forbid if anything abnormal

How to increase grip strength for weightlifting

You lift weights. And yourself.No, really. It should increase with the weight. You won't develop it through curls, though. Deadlifts, farmer's walks, pull-ups and chin-ups will be way better for your grip.If you still find it lacking, find a way to make

Do squats also promote muscle growth in your shoulders, upper back, and torso by holding the weight steady on your upper back & shoulder area while maintaining correct posture throughout the entire range of motion?

When it comes to squatting and the results you'll see, you tend to get two answers. ABSOLUTELY and not at all. There is no definitive answer. If your an avid gym goer or otherwise experienced lifter, I'm going to have to say not so much and for a good reason. If your consistently going to the gym, you are