What is the best app for Android devices? Why?


You'd better use a security app to protect your android devices, i'm using AppLock. Maybe you can give it a try.

The app itself is a simple, but powerful app that allows you to lock your apps with number password/pattern password/fingerprint, so that snooping eyes can't see them. This is great if you have nosy roommates, kids, or if you just want some piece of mind.

What are some hacks that will change our beauty routine for the better?

I always make sure to go through my skin routine before makeup and I don't put a lot of foundation (I just use some powder to decrease the shine in my face) on since I have sensitive skin, so I'm prone to breakouts. Always to make sure to wash your brushes/blenders weekly since

Relationships: How is it to accept your husband's second wife?

Well it must be a very difficult task to pull off I must say. To see your partner the one whom you have loved above everyone else becoming an equal asset for someone else is very difficult for women. Though on many cases, women choose to withhold their pain as per their nature prompts them to do so, but

Life: What is the worst thing that can happen in life?

Imagine this scenario:You were born in a working class family, and you worked all the way up to a successful entrepreneur.You met a like-minded young woman and you fell in love with each other at the first sight.You got married, and had three kids of your own.You owned a prospering business