What is the best book by Rajiv Malhotra and why?

I consider Breaking India as his magnum opus.


His other books like ‘Indra's net', ‘Invading the Sacred' and ‘Being Different' are equally good in original research, but they were topics touched upon by other authors in the past. Breaking India is a novel books in a sense that it opens up a global arena where superpowers nations and superpower religions compete with each other for global dominance, which although happens right under our nose but we seldom take note of mostly because no one talks about it.

Breaking India holds the premise that India as a nation which survived 60 odd years of it becoming a nation state after independence from Britain survived even after repeated attempts at compromising the sovereignty of the nation and her people. But for how long?

The book builds upon a series of threats from different external and internal agents like communism, Abrahamic religious fanaticism and their quest for global domination, Dalit issue and it's nexus with Christian lobby groups and also Dravidian separatism. Malhotra ties up a grim picture of macabre realpolitik around these seemingly separate and misrelated ideas which is not really far from truth.

This is a book which every civil servant and public administrator needs to read to understand who are they dealing with and what are the consequences of their action or inaction. But unfortunately, I too hold the same distrust for civil servants (most notably foreign service officers) as does Malhotra.

Why are U.K. employees absent from work due to illness only 1 day per year on average?

Possibly due to:data being skewed: HSE figures may only include sick leave as a result of a workplace-related sickness. Actual ONS figures https://www.ons.gov.uk/employmen...the way sick leave may be defined: you only need to fill a form for sickness only if you are off for more than 7 days. For most common ailments, this buffer is sufficient.

Is there a risk for long term damage from taking Alpha GPC?

Dosage: The appropriate dose of alpha-GPC depends on several factors such as the user's age, health, and several other conditions. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for alpha-GPC.Keep in mind that natural products are not always

How to recover from a long term relationship

Spend time with your friends. Having conversation with other people keeps your mind off your ex.Find something outdoorsy to do. I have found that sunshine makes me feel less depressed. Exercise increases adrenalin level which would make you feel good.Finally when you are ready, meet new people. If you are at school, join a student club.