What is the best cell phone carrier in the Netherlands?

I would recommend a KPN or KPN-based carrier. KPN tends to have the best coverage, which becomes especially true if you live close to the border like me.

For example: I use T-Mobile, and because coverage is somewhat worse then with KPN (which my girlfriend uses), it tends to switch to a Belgian carrier, because the signal is stronger. It gets kind of annoying having to check which network you are on before making a phonecall or using Whatsapp. If you're living in Amsterdam or something like that, this doesn't matter as much though. In all other respects, the top providers in the Netherlands are quite comparable.

In short: It depends on where exactly you live. Close to the border? KPN. Anywhere else? It doesn't really matter.

Well, I am pretty good at carrying cell phones, although I doubt if that is what you are looking for.

There are four carriers in the Netherlands that have their own network with high coverage. Two of then claim to have full coverage. The four are, Tele2, KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile. The two claiming to have full coverage are Vodafone and KPN. The order is not important.

All carriers have problems every now and then. Basically, there is no real discernable differnce in basic mobile services, like calling and sms. There is difference in mobile data, regarding coverage, speed and availability.

I use Vodafone, and are generally ok with their services. But in my experience, KPN and T-mobile are ok as well, Tele2 is ok, but has sometimes serious problems regarding customer service.

If you think mobile data and voice are important, you better stick with the four own carriers, otherwise, choose the one whose price looks the best for you.

If you are going to be here for a few weeks you are best off using Lebara. You can get a SIM card for ten dollars which will include 500 minutes of calling and 2GB and 2000 messages. They have a stand in the airport which is very convenient. Alternatively, I have friends who swear by Vodaphone.

Avoid going into T-mobile shops. I tried that in The Hague. They have waiting lines and the ten dollar SIM card gives you just 5 Euros calling, for internet you have to next go to a grocery store and buy a "beltegoed" card. You can also go to the internet to add credit. I tried for an hour, registering username and password and then they didn't accept my US credit card, after I had to put in all the information.

I would recommend either KPN or T-Mobile.

I used to have KPN, because their coverage is great and they customer service is available 24/7, but since they don't offer an unlimited package, I decided to switch to T-Mobile. So far, I haven't had any complaints.

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