What is the best exercise or yoga for good health?

Here the best yoga exercise given for good health and to know more useful information about the yoga for good health visit this article.


Today I come back to you with a basic subject in our health: immunity! Rich meetings that I have had with pharmacists and doctors who provide my training phyto on always comes back to the basics: Healthy food & immunity concrete (the 2 estants bound necessarily)!

Well today I'm not going to give you a topo about food but always keep in mind that it is what you bring to your body that conditions its condition In short here we are here to talk about Yoga! You know yoga with many and varied benefits, but also to keep us healthy by stimulating our immune system in a deep way!

If you already practice sun salutation "suryanamaskar" very regularly then it will boost your immunity in a deep and long-term way. If not you can read my article and run get yourself a yoga mat

What do you enjoy doing outside of your work week?

Hey DanielI don't play tennis or golf. I am not going out to eat much. I am not too excited about going gym. I am not a movie theater goer . I am not member of anything and I don' belong to a church.So what'left for me to do?! :I am not a gardener

Why are many people content with wasting their lives away working 9-5 at a job they don't like? Should they not realize they may only get one life and to just do what they love?

Because the first 18–23 years of our lives we are all told exactly what to do, where to go and what time to be there. We're under surveillance from our parents and forced to attend events, such as school every day whether we want to or not.These 18–23 years are

Must I eat before morning cardio to prevent muscle catabolism?

Well, it does depends on A) the type/timeframe of the cardio you're doing, and B) if you're trying to avoid muscle loss or trying to actively gain it too.Generally there is a 20min threshold in cardio-type exercise which, when exceeded, the average person will shift towards a more catabolic state. It's often why muscular individuals, or