What is the best fitness regime for people with little time to go to a gym?

Dude...bane of my life, time.

I do my best to get gym in with my hectic lifestyle. I do it a minimum 4 times a week, but I aim for 6.

  1. You need to make time. Its important. You don't have to do be there for many hours, just 30 minutes. Half an hour out your day? Give or take the time to get prepped etc and you got 40 minutes maybe.
  2. The best routine? Depends what you want. I do strength training. Weights at the gym. But the key with any training against the clock is to not mess around. Don't have long chats with people and put your phone away. Don't get sucked into reading it between rests. You can get a damn good work out in 30 minutes. But you dedicate yourself to that workout.
  3. Bring a pen and paper. This is recommended for all exercise. You need to challenge yourself in those 30 minutes. Mark down what you do in those 30 minutes. Next gym session, add to it. If you are running, for example, and you do 10 km in 30 minutes. Next training try run 10.1 km in 30 minutes. With weights, for example, add an extra kilogram or an extra rep. You need to constantly push yourself within that time frame.
  4. If you looking at an all-round workout, it would be great to look at supersets. There are plenty of these routines on the web, they are a good all rounder for weight training, cardio and targeting more muscles in short time frames.

So basically go on the net and find a 30 minute program to use that's based on your goals. (and if its for looking good, you probably will need to spend more time in the kitchen with the nutrition side of things) Start off with that program with a pen and paper and add more intensity as you get stronger or faster.

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